Unify your teams with conflict-free
scheduling across your entire
university. Yes, it's really possible.

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Schedule your entire semester in one click.

Less coordinating, more automation. SubItUp lets you build the shifts you need, collects employee availability, and fairly distributes shift assignments while considering things like work study and max hours.

Save manager's time with Social Scheduling™.

No more back and forth. Your staff can communicate independently to find coverage and then request manager approval, bringing the solution to managers. There you have it, less maintenance.

Conflict solved before it happens.

Even if managers share employees, double-booking or exceeding max hours are resolved before they happen. Our conflict-free tools are the keystone to a unified campus.

ADA accessible.
IT compliant.
For the win.

Remain compliant with accessibility and IT requirement standards - like HECVAT and ADA 508 to name just two. Bolster your security with Single Sign-On integrations. We've invested millions to set the bar in accessible and compliant software.

Tools for work study, IM Leagues, and more.

The higher education world is unique and requires a special touch. We've built tools to handle federal work study debits and credits, integrations with IMLeagues, and over 250 other back-office integrations to save you time.

We solve complex problems for over 8,700
organizations in Higher Ed, just like yours, everyday.

Built to adapt to your campus' ecosystem,
because no two universities are alike.

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"Scheduling is complicated because many students work in different areas for different managers, who all do their scheduling differently. Now that we've embraced the system, it would be impossible to live without it."

Kris, Arizona State University

With over 300+ campuses using us, we understand your scheduling is unique.

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