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Liberty University is the largest private, nonprofit university in the United States, and the largest Christian university in the world. Liberty's 6,819-acre campus boasts technologically advanced academic, residential and recreational space. While academics and faith are top priority, Liberty also has 20 NCAA Division I teams, 31 club sports teams and provides a host of student activities, intramural sports and recreational opportunities.

The focal point of student activity and recreation is the LaHaye Student Union. The LaHaye Student Union facilities include the Tilley Student Center, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center, Thomas Indoor Soccer Center and the Campus East Clubhouse. Each center offers social, recreational and/or fitness environments year-round to Liberty University students and faculty.

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Saving time and streamline communication


A scheduling nightmare.

"When I started working at the student union there was already a scheduling software being used, but from the beginning, I didn't like the way it worked," explained Perry. "To create a two-week staff schedule it would take me about 12-15 hours, only to start over again in two weeks. I would gather all my student staffs' availability, and then fill every shift individually. The system tracked base availability but there were many problems beyond that. I couldn't see everyone's availability on a single screen, so there was a lot of clicking around to find someone for each shift. It was also nearly impossible to see the total hours a student was already scheduled to work, before adding them to another shift. On top of it all, the system allowed double-booking, so I had to manually cross-check everything."

  • Collect Availability
  • Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
  • Support Services

Automating requests.

Once the schedule was built, the inevitable stream of requests and changes poured in. Perry regularly dealt with last-minute requests for time off, student schedule and availability changes, employees calling out sick and more. "Updating the schedule couldn't be done in an automated fashion, I had to make every update and change manually," he shared. Perry knew there had to be a better scheduling solution available. He felt the process should take much less time, be more automated, and contain many additional functionalities. So, he began to search for a better solution.

"SubItUp's innovative approach definitely takes things to a whole new level."
Perry, Liberty University

Enhanced collaboration and
web-based solution.

The need for a solution for streamlining scheduling between employees and managers

Keeping the LaHaye Student Union and its facilities running smoothly is a huge task, requiring a significant number of staff working a variety of shifts. LaHaye Student Union Assistant Director, Perry Tate, is responsible for multiple operational areas, including member services and the rock wall, which are staffed by roughly 35 employees and 9 managers, all of which are students.

Labor Management

Perry reviewed multiple scheduling systems before finding SubItUp. "After speaking with the team and learning more about SubItUp's revolutionary approach, I decided to run with them," Perry said. "They had so much to offer, I didn't feel the need to look any further."

Enhanced Scheduling

SubItUp provides an entirely web-based solution that engages both managers and employees in a collaborative manner to create and maintain the schedule. "SubItUp's innovative approach definitely takes things to a whole new level," Perry exclaimed. "SubItUp's customer service is amazing, it's part of what won us over. They're always willing to help, whether it's by providing training or to answer a quick question."

"SubItUp's customer service is amazing, it's part of what won us over. They're always willing to help, whether it's by providing training or to answer a quick question."
Perry, Liberty University

A new paradigm of collaborating
online to manage the schedule.

Automated Generation

Perry is now able to automatically generate his schedule and distribute hours fairly. SubItUp tracks shift trades and requests, and automatically updates the schedule in real-time. "I click a button and in seconds it's 90% complete. Then if I want, I can tweak it a little from there", explained Perry.

Time Savings

With the help of SubItUp, Perry now spends less than 2 hours every two weeks creating the schedule - more than an 80% reduction in time. With such a significant time savings, Perry is now free to focus on other priorities, like the 70,000-square foot expansion on his facility.

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