How a Renowned University Uses Time Tracking Software to Simplify Processes

As one of the largest and most prestigious research universities in New York State, Stony Brook University is home to over 20,000 students and 17,000 employees. But the attendees aren't strictly involved in scholastic activities. Many participate in athletics throughout the year -- both competitively and non-competitively. As a result, the university employs hundreds of student staff to manage athletic events, facilities, and fields.

As the second largest employer on campus, the Recreation and Wellness Department employs many of those student workers. Their intramural referees and coordinators manage all operations at their athletic fields. Their student fitness instructors and lifeguards work in multiple facilities and roles at the on-campus, non-athlete gym. Their operations staff and managers coordinate all aspects of building activities and events, the keystone to a large, dynamic operation. Prior to COVID-19, Recreation and Wellness had many other workers which they anticipate returning to their global workforce. This made it critical that, with the many teams and workers they employ, they find a solution that maximized the efficiency of determining staff availability, generating conflict-free schedules, clocking in, and communicating their time-and-attendance data to their back-office accounting software.

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  • Automated availability collection
  • Simplified schedule generation
  • Touchless timeclock for COVID
  • Auto-reconcile timeclock data
  • Payroll reporting

The Challenge

To Standardize Scheduling & Simplify Audits

The Challenge

Just over a year ago, Recreation and Wellness was using manual paper timesheets, an incredibly labor-intensive process. With hundreds of student employees to manage, the time it took to manage their employee time entries and backend time clock process was quickly growing out of control.

Not only did employees have to deal with the hassle of writing down their information every time they needed to clock in or clock out, but managers and administrators had to manually match every paper time entry to the state's online platform to pinpoint tardiness issues and approve payment to student accounts.

The Project

Initially only the operations staff - their largest team in Recreation and Wellness - was actively using SubItUp. It quickly became very clear that, if implemented on a much wider scale, it would bring tremendous time and cost savings to other teams.

An effort was undertaken over a two-year period to move every student from the Recreation and Wellness department onto SubItUp to have the convenience of a singular, consolidated system that automated many of the manual processes they currently had in place.

The Solution

Streamlining Payroll Verification

To ensure all payments made to students were accurate and accounted for, Recreation and Wellness turned to SubItUp's automated scheduling and time tracking features.

The university uses state-provided software for payroll which requires that scheduled shifts match the hours students have entered prior to being input in their back-office solution. To ensure data integrity, SubItUp keeps a clear record of all employee schedules and logs the exact moment each student clocks in and out. The platform then auto-reconciles shifts scheduled to timecards submitted. This allows managers to simply review the data on screen, making sure everything is accurate prior to submitting it to the separate state payroll system.

Rather than managing paper timecards, they can now quickly view and validate schedule and time data side-by-side. SubItUp automatically alerts managers to any inconsistencies and they can course correct on the fly if they wish. With this solution in place, SubItUp has transformed the timely and costly process of comparing and entering numbers from a piece of paper to the data in the New York State system into a task that just takes minutes.

Streamlined automated scheduling and time tracking features.

The Benefits

A Safer & Easier Way to Track Time


One of the benefits Stony Brook's Recreation and Wellness has seen as a result of partnering with SubItUp is accuracy and dependability of employee time tracking.

SubItUp's time clock has enabled them to forego unreliable paper timesheets and immediately transition to an online clock-in, clock-out system that uses the student's university-issued ID card. The instant the student swipes in or out a digital time stamp is created, increasing the reliability of time tracking data.

Ease of Use & Trusted Partnership

From generating instant schedules, digitally logging student hours and reconciling their data for payroll, the automation and simplicity of SubItUp has brought many beneficial changes to the Recreation and Wellness team.

As with any university environment student employees will eventually graduate. New employees and managers have immediate access to SubItUp's self-serve video learning portal so that they can understand how to use all the features available to them. If they encounter something they need a guide for, SubItUp's technical support team is available to provide prompt, seamless answers to their questions.

Contactless Time Tracking

Despite the changes that arose with the emergence of COVID-19, Recreation and Wellness was able to adapt easily to keep employees safe and healthy while at work. One of the ways they accomplished that was by transitioning their students to SubItUp's contactless time clock.

Prior to COVID-19, students would clock in by typing their email address on a touchscreen kiosk. Due to close contact protocols, Recreation and Wellness decided to switch the students over to SubItUp's card swiping feature. Once this new time clock was configured, students no longer had to touch a computer keyboard upon arriving for their shift. The machine automatically reads their ID card when swiped, validating the employee for the shift they are scheduled for, and clocks them in or out. All in a touchless process.


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