Embrace the future of work with AI-driven digital workers that empowers your business to achieve exponential growth.

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Revolutionize your business with AI digital workers that act as your ultimate teammates. Compatible with any of our offerings, SubItUp FlowAI™ can manage unparalleled coordination, data-driven decision-making, best practice operational improvements, and accelerated project timelines that redefine efficiency.


Limitless power
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Welcome to the AI-driven enlightened era. In an age of unprecedented challenges, AI stands as the beacon of innovation and efficiency. With its data-crunching capabilities, artificial intelligence illuminates the path to success, enabling you to make decisions that drive growth in a manner simple to understand and easier to implement. Leverage predictive analytics to manage everything from mundane tasks to market shifts. By embracing a digital worker, you can tackle business challenges with supreme confidence, knowing that every problem in the world now has a solution.


Not remove.

Is your team struggling to effectively stay on top of their tasks? Our predictive intelligence takes the guesswork out of prioritization - and juggling out of their workload - to deliver clear, concise task direction that helps maximize time, eliminate procrastination, and provide the quickest route to success.



In today's fast-paced business world, scaling workplace best practices has never been more critical. AI-driven automation ensures that the operations and approaches that best serve your business are never compromised, safeguarding your organization's reputation and integrity. Not only can our digital worker mentor teams across an organization to a level of effectiveness you once dreamed of, it can help raise the bar. AI codifies the best strategies from current - and former - employees while using real-time data to suggest improvements helping you adapt and scale with unbelievable agility.


Active support
from a proactive teammate.

Imagine having a personal mentor available 24/7. Not only can our digital worker actively support employees with clarity and decisiveness during tasks, it can help their professional growth. SubItUp FlowAI™ can track your progress, provide instant feedback, and tailor development plans that align with your career goals - regardless of your role or responsbility. Take the reins of your career, and let AI be your mentor on the journey to success.


secure and

In an era where data reigns supreme, Artificial Intelligence stands as the beacon of trustworthiness. AI's ability to process vast amounts of information ensures the accuracy you need for informed decisions. Worried about sensitive data? AI is your vigilant guardian, safeguarding it with cutting-edge security protocols. What truly sets AI apart is its transparency - it doesn't hide behind a veil of complexity. Instead, it communicates its processes clearly, empowering you to trust and harness its capabilities fully.

We've only just begun to use a digital worker - named 'Irwin' to honor our founder - and in short time he's become indispensable to us. Only through him could we scale our centers of excellence. Doug, Serv-U-Success


Configured to meet your company's specific needs...trained on your data and connected to your systems. Communicate via text or voice, through the product of your choice; web, Teams, Slack or text.


Accessible from anywhere you need to be. Mobile, web, voice, or browser. Your Digital Worker is where you need them to be, when you need them to be there. Anytime. In any language.


Your Digital Worker can learn from any accessible data source; pdfs, excel docs, word docs, websites, databases and anything else it can access. And it doesn't stop there...your Digital Worker learns like you do, through iterative information.


Digital Workers can work together to solve complex problems. Like humans, Digital Workers are often better when they specialize on certian tasks and communicate to one another.


Getting data, processing tasks, executing orders, pinging team members and anything else you can think of can be done by your Digital Worker.


We've only just begun. With over 15 years of real-world AI experience dedicated to solving Workforce Management problems, our capabilities are accelerating at an exciting pace. Let's talk!

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