reduce time


Reduce the time it takes to
build schedules by 80%.

Managers spend hours and hours each week trying to build a schedule that inevitably must be redone when employees can't make the shifts they've been assigned. Not in SubItUp. We consider employee availability, shifts employees have dropped in the past, if they trade out of certain shifts, or if they are punctual and show they want to work a desired shift, then automate an intelligently created schedule to save you time building and managing it. This all saves managers 80% or more of the time they spend scheduling.

Build shift templates for better availability collection
Set the maximum hours employees can work
Collect availability and find the shifts staff can work
Automated generation of your full schedule, or week-by-week
Manually add shifts to the schedule as needed
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reduce time

Conflict-free tools

No more schedule conflicts or
double-booked employees.

Employees that work for multiple managers, have requested time off, are already assigned to another shift, even those that have a certification required to work all present unique conflicts to managers. SubItUp tracks these, under one account, so you spend less time reacting to issues anytime you're creating or editing the schedule. Employees are also reminded of potential conflicts their requests may create. If they want to drop a shift, they must find coverage. If they want to take time off, but are already working, we'll tell them. All so your team spends less time reacting to coverage issues.

Never double-book an employee again
Track time off requests so staff aren't scheduled to work
See when employees are working for another manager
Avoid unnecessary overtime by tracking max hours
Staff can't drop shifts without finding proper coverage first


It's time to eliminate the extra work.

Scheduling connected
to your time clock.

Too much time is spent reviewing time entries, looking at another screen to verify the time entry matches the shift time, or - worse - manually entering timecards to an HR platform. SubItUp's schedule and time clock are connected. That means employee time entries are automatically reconciled based on how early or late you let employees' clock in or out. We'll even automatically clock employees out if they forget to. Simply log in each day, review yesterday's punches, and correct any anomalies.

Time clock connected
to your payroll reporting.

Once you verify yesterday's time punches, they are automatically synced to your payroll report within SubItUp. Now you have a real-time view of what your labor costs are for certain periods, what your individual employees worked and should be paid, the overtime they made, and more. Since data is kept daily and reconciled in real-time, there is less to do when payroll is due. Your HR team can even log in directly to SubItUp and pull the report they need when it's time.

Payroll reporting integrated
with your back-office.

SubItUp has off-the-shelf reports that are configured for the most popular back-office platforms used by HR and finance teams. Now, your data is formatted for platforms like Oracle PeopleSoft, Banner, ADP, QuickBooks, Microsoft Great Plains, and more. By creating a manager account for your HR or finance team, they can log in and retrieve the report they need when it's time to process payroll. Directly integrating with your back-office will save them even more time.

automate reminders


Automate the reminders
that take up your time.

Sometimes it's the little details that occupy a lot of your time. Letting an employee know their time off is approved, or that you've approved their shift request, or that they no longer have to work, or that they have a shift coming up. SubItUp automates these communications to save managers' time. And these messages can be sent via push notification for instant receipt amongst your employees.

Automated emails for important details staff need to know
Push notifications for employees that use the SubItUp app
Staff can receive text and email alerts when their shift is covered
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automate reminders
messaging tools


Better employee messaging
tools under one roof.

Managers have the power to send messages to their entire employee team, segment by certain position groups or event staff, or an individual employee. Simply head on over to our message center and craft your note, then choose if you'd like to send it via the app, to employee email addresses, or as a text. Employees can also send peer-to-peer messages between each other, consolidating everything to one app.

Send 1:1 or group messages via the SubItUp app
Trigger urgent text messages to all staff or position groups
Configure messages sent to staff emails

"SubItUp offers a very organized and easily navigable platform for viewing and changing my work schedule. I really appreciate how quick and easy it is to make changes and communicate them to my managers. I value the efficiency and reliability of SubItUp."

Emma A., American University
support team

We train and support you every step of the way.

You are never alone with SubItUp. Our team thrives on collaborating with you. Why? Well, there are over 300 ways you can schedule in SubItUp. Working together and drawing upon years of scheduling experience, we identify the best process for you and train your managers 1:1 until they're workforce masters. It's a big reason customers love us from day one to day 2,000.

Account setup and configuration training
Finding the right scheduling method
Advanced human phone and email support
Self-guided video support for new managers
Complete video-based library for managers and employees
support team

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