Team Messaging FOR MANAGERS

Create and send in-app, email, and
text messages from one portal.

Directly message
an employee

In SubItUp, managers can compose in-app, email, and text messages all from within the message center. To directly communicate, simply select an employee and how you'd like to send that message, and fire away.

Message an entire
position group

SubItUp allows managers to send messages faster by grouping all the employees that work in one position together. Simply choose the position group and how you'd like to communicate and start composing your note.

Broadcast to all
your staff

Need to send a note to your entire team? No problem. Begin composing, select the entire team, and SubItUp will get your message out faster than you can type "efficiency."


Sound communication practices are a key desire for today's employees.

What's that mean? Well, employees crave an environment where communication between their manager and their peers is effortless. When communication is poor, they will actively seek other job opportunities. The dysfunction caused by chaotic communication practices is a key driver of employee disengagement.



Give staff better ways to communicate
with managers and each other.

Peer-to-peer messaging

Employees can reach out to their peers using in-app messaging or email. They simply access the Message Center and start by selecting individuals, composing a message, then send their note.

Easily find peers and swap shifts

If an employee wants to drop a shift, they can see a list of all available coworkers and initiate a swap. We take care of letting that employee know they've been offered a shift.

Survey for engagement levels

SubItUp allows managers to survey staff directly or anonymously. Our survey builder allows for custom questions of many types, and stores all responses in SubItUp. Now, you're in tune with how your staff are feeling.

Automate the little things

SubItUp notifies your team of key reminders, potential issues, or opportunities fit for them like an available shift they're qualified for. We automate notifications, like not allowing staff to pick up a shift that exceeds their maximum weekly hours, so your managers don't have to.


"SubItUp helps me coordinate anything work-related on one platform such as dropping/picking up shifts, editing shifts, finding coworkers' info, and reminding me when to work."

Alex S., Aspen School District


The right message, to the
right person, at the right time.

SubItUp automates the tiny details and nudges that keep your team performing at a high level... things like when it's time to work, when the schedule is published, if you've been assigned a shift, if employees want to swap shifts, if an employee wants to take time off, and many others. These messages are automated from the system to managers and employees using Push Notifications and email messaging. Now, managers won't spend hours behind a screen letting employees know there is a work-related update to check in on.



Build fully customizable surveys
to track team happiness.

Gather employee feedback on an infinite number of data points - like happiness at work, process refinement, or team effectiveness - using our Surveys tool. Managers and leadership can create a fully custom survey within the SubItUp platform using text fields, multiple choice, check box selections, date fields, and many other variables. Once you've created your survey, you can choose to send it to an entire position group or directly to individual employees. You can also set submissions to be anonymous and all responses will be viewable within SubItUp.


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"As a student at a university, it's hard to remember all that I have going on. Being reminded to clock out when I forget saves a lot of hassle on part of my boss and myself."
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