What if your time clock prevented errors
from happening in the first place?

Control early
clock ins

We love ambitious employees. We like controlling costs too. That's why managers can set how early employees can clock in for their shift. If they try to clock in before their shift starts, SubItUp will let them know they are too early and when to report.

Stop losses from
late clock outs

Sometimes, the game goes into overtime. SubItUp lets managers adjust how late employees can clock out of their shift. If an employee clocks out after the period of time you've allowed a manager can be notified so you can work with the employee on why they stayed late and ways to improve that moving forward.

Clock staff out
if they forget to

Mistakes happen. If an employee forgets to clock out SubItUp will do it for them at the scheduled conclusion of their shift. Managers can elect to turn this on by position, setting the time after the shift that an auto-clock out should happen and how managers should be alerted.


Managers can override clock in rules allowing staff to start work early.

When an employee attempts to clock in or out outside of their scheduled shift time or the bounds you set, you can choose to require a manager override. When this happens, employees are notified on screen that they cannot clock in unless a manager, or someone with an access PIN, enters a unique code. You can also alert specific managers when that PIN is used.



No more costly hardware. Our
web-based time clock app moves
with the modern workforce.

Turn staff mobile devices
into their time clock

Turn an unlimited number of phones or tablets into integrated time clocks that follow manager-approved settings, like how early or late employees can clock out. Mobile time clocks also provide managers a GPS map of where they clock in or clock out occurred.

Deploy a computer to one
central location

Do your staff clock in and out from one location when they arrive at work? SubItUp allows you to configure one computer which can be used from a central, common location where all staff would arrive and leave from.

Let managers clock staff in
using roster punching

Time clocks can be configured to give managers the ability to clock staff in too. Once they log in to the time clock, they can punch staff in that check in with them, knocking down long lines of employees who arrive at the same time for, say, a sporting event or concert.

Use employee badges or QR
codes to scan in and out

Use SubItUp's built in QR codes, accessible by employees in their app, for clocking in and out. You can also use your organization's existing ID cards, barcodes and any other type of unique identification that allows your staff to clock in and out of their shifts.


A time clock that's integrated
with your work schedule.

Automate reconciliation
of staff time cards

Make payroll more precise, stick to your budgets, and save managers hours of time each week. SubItUp reviews staff time clock data and automatically reconciles their timecards to adhere to the rules you require.

Punctuality and
attendance reports

Time clock data is saved to employee profiles within SubItUp. Now, you can access punctuality and attendance records and determine how engaged specific employees, or position groups, are.

Live insights for
staff time records

SubItUp delivers real-time insight who is scheduled to work, who is actively clocked in, and if that differs from their actual shift time. You also have the tools to edit employee time clock data to ensure it matches what they worked and what your planned payroll is.

Build labor forecasts
using time clock data

SubItUp allows managers to use time clock data to assess what your true labor demand was and scheduling data to determine if you have the right number of staff for your next schedule - all included in configurable payroll reports.


"I like so many things, the labor cost reports, the ability for staff to update their own availability, labeling each class as a separate time block, the integration with QuickBooks, and so much more."

Megan B., American Kids Sports Center


Customize payroll reports
for what you need.

Configure our payroll report based on the information you need, like calculating paid or unpaid breaks, using reconciled time clock data versus scheduled shift data, time clock notes from employees, GL codes, employee IDs and more. You can also improve payroll accuracy using rounding and precision settings.



Use custom exports built for
today's most popular platforms.

SubItUp comes loaded with several custom payroll exports for the most popular payroll processing platforms used today, like ADP, Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle PeopleSoft, Workday, Paychex, and more. Using them is simple. Load up the report, choose the data that applies to your back-office configuration, and then export raw data that is ready to be imported to your HR and finance software. You can grant your HR team access to this report as well, so they can export the file as needed.



Automate your entire process
by integrating with SubItUp.

Our full API allows you to send payroll and human resource data - like new hires made within your HRIS platform or live time clock data - between SubItUp and your HRIS platform in real-time. Learn more about our integrations or how you can become a partner.


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