An organized team is set up for
success. We help you stay that way.

Add and manage staff and
track critical information

Add new staff hires, add them to certain positions, view and adjust their availability, see their scheduled shifts, view and update their pay rates, and track certifications required for their role. When they're no longer working, just archive them.

Set permissions for
managers to oversee teams

Control which positions and tools your managers have access to like creating shift templates, building and modifying schedules, access to approve time off requests, shift swaps or drops, editing time clock data, payroll reports, and more.

Manage what staff can do
in a specific position

Create the positions your employees will work within and define key settings for those positions, like if staff can trade shifts without manager approval, drop a series of shifts, overtime settings, and how you want to collect their availability.



Conflict-free schedules in one time zone or worldwide.

SubItUp lets you manage the physical locations your team will work at, understands if your staff work at multiple locations, allows you to set local time zones for those employees, and then grants managers and employees access to those permissions (and restricts them from seeing the ones that don't apply to them). The best part, we ensure that there are never any conflicts in your schedule.

Human Resources & Employee engagement

Engage your team, communicate better,
and measure performance all in one app.


See how engaged and
helpful your team is.

SubItUp compiles critical employee information for managers and leadership - like employee attendance records, if they help their coworkers by picking up shifts, and how often they request time off - all so you can best coach your staff. High level engagement statistics are also available to managers with permissions in our engagement portal, showing you Social Scheduling™ activity within a position group, adds/drops/swaps for specific shifts, and trends for how early or late staff are clocking in or out.


Set and track wages
for all your employees.

Set a pay rate for an employee, advance them to a new pay rate after a certain period, or set a pay rate for an entire position group. Your employees will now see their earning power when setting their availability, and your managers will have a better handle on scheduling costs.

employee availability

SubItUp sends the important
reminders so you don't have to.

Employees and managers will have the ability to receive email, text and push notifications, based on their preferences. These notifications include, but are not limited to; automated shift reminders, automated schedule changes, availability requests, shift change requests (adds, drops and swaps), shift change approvals, and more. With SubItUp's message center, everything will be in one place and easy to access.


Collect feedback from and foster
open dialogue with your staff.

The best teams are the ones that have great two-way communication between managers and employees. SubItUp facilitates this dialogue with employee surveys. Managers can fully customize the questions on each survey, select position groups or individual employees to send the survey to, add in a custom thank you message, and allow for anonymous submissions. The survey link is directly sent out to employees for their responses which are also captured and associated with the survey for manager use.


Build detailed performance
reviews in minutes.

SubItUp builds employee reviews for you, aggregating staff performance data like average shifts worked per month, monthly earnings, certification statuses, attendance records, and add/drop/swap history. Our review wizard takes you through the steps to build a quality review that will help managers provide constructive feedback to their staff and directly schedule a time to meet with the employee considering their work schedule. Once the review is complete, it is saved to the employee profile so managers with permissions to access it will always have a sense of that employee's performance and growth track.

performance reviews

"It's super user-friendly. Once you know how to do one thing, the other features are really intuitive. The SubItUp staff was also always available. So, if we ever had an issue, I could actually get a hold of them and get help."

Claire R., Payroll Lead at Sun Country Sports Center


Never manually reconcile
employee timecards again.

Set how early or late employees' can clock in or out
Automatic reconciliation of employee timecards based on your rules
Visualize the difference between shift time and time cards
Easily edit clock in and out data
Automatically clock out employees who forget to
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Automate the payroll process
by connecting to the back office.

Choose from a number of reports including ADP, Oracle PeopleSoft, QuickBooks, Paychex, and many others.
Configure applicable reports for your HRIS configuration
Export raw data from SubItUp for import to the back-office
Work with SubItUp Engineering to utilize APIs for full integration
Explore Integrations


Visualize which staff work together with our contact tracing app.

Minimize the impact of staff getting sick with our contact tracing feature that shows you the overlapping shifts of your employees. Simply select an employee and the date they worked, and we'll show you the employees that worked that same day, the position they worked in, which shift they worked, and the time they were overlapping for.

contact tracing
time clock app


Turn staff mobile phones into
their own private time clock.

Turn any mobile device into a time clock and avoid staff having to share screens or devices to clock in and out of their shift. SubItUp allows managers to create a time clock that will allow unlimited devices to clock in and out on it. You can restrict the positions that can use that time clock, making sure only certain employees have access to it. Employees can then log in using a standard username and password, their pin, or a QR code that SubItUp provides.

time clock app

staff rotations

Group staff together in teams and
rotate their schedules evenly.

Build teams of employees that evenly rotate staff on-and-off days. Managers can set the days in which that team, or employee, will work and the days they should be off after that period. Then, when managers auto-generate the schedule, the rotation will be accounted for.

shift rotation

"We ended up choosing SubItUp because it offers multiple platforms that make our processes easier. On top of the time clock system, we realized it could help us with our scheduling too. And the downloadable payroll reports were compatible with QuickBooks, which is what our accountants use."

Kelli M., Human Resources at Seal Swim School


Add certifications for employees
and positions and track staff standing.

Add the certifications your team needs to be scheduled for work, set them as required or optional, and view the certification status (valid, pending manager approval, upcoming renewal, or expired) for each individual staff member. Managers can also view a certification dashboard to quickly determine the number of staff that carry a specific certification.

expired certification


Set reminders and warnings for
when certifications will expire.

Managers can be notified prior to a certification expiring. Simply set how long a certification is valid for and when you'd like to receive a warning alert for any employee that has an expiring certification. SubItUp will show you the list of employees that require certifications, the count of valid certifications, and where your risk is - how many have expired - so you can keep certifications current and shift coverage at 100%.

expired certification

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