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SubItUp minds the tiny, but important,
details that control overspending.

Control the max hours staff can work by role or location

Set maximum daily and weekly hours an employee can be scheduled for in the positions they work. Once you define the maximum hours an individual can work, SubItUp assigns them shifts that never exceed their hourly maximums - unless a manager approves it of course.

Set which staff are eligible to pick up overtime

Manage the employees that are eligible to pick up overtime, and those that cannot. If an employee attempts to pick up a shift, and is eligible to pick up overtime, that request will be sent to their manager. If they're not eligible, we'll let them know the new shift will put them over their max hours.

Set the max hours staff can work across all their jobs

If you have employees that work multiple jobs within your organization you can set the total number of hours they can work for all positions under all managers. As an organization, you won't be able to over-schedule them, pay unnecessary overtime, or qualify them as a full-time worker.

Configure when overtime alerts are sent and who should approve OT

Managers are alerted if an employee is picking up a shift that would qualify as overtime and can approve or deny that request. If you do not want to award overtime, SubItUp provides managers insights on all employees that are eligible to work the shift and their respective availability status or conflicts that would disqualify them from working the shift.

"I value being able to manage what information is on the payroll reports and being able to tailor it to each employee."

Ninette W., Northern Illinois University


Stay on budget with transparent
employee wages and shift cost tools.

Set employee pay rates

Set employee pay rates, activate them on a certain date, and track an individual's wage progression over time. You will also see employee pay rates, and total shift cost, when in the calendar and editing specific shifts.

Assign wages to certain shifts

Managers can set a flat rate wage that can be earned by working a specific shift. If your shift is set as a flat rate, the employee will be paid that amount regardless of their hourly rate or hours worked.

Insights for what a shift costs you

SubItUp analyzes the cost of a specific shift for managers. We review all eligible employees, their availability status, and provide you the cost differential for assigning the shift to one employee versus another.

Add incentives to hard-to-fill shifts

Everyone has some hard-to-fill shifts. As a manager you can add a dollar value, percentage, or multiplier (say, to double the employee's pay rate) to specific shifts. This will adjust the employees base pay rates and incentivize them to pick up shifts that present coverage issues.



Configure and export payroll reports built
for back-office platforms you use.

SubItUp has several, configurable reports built to give you the information you need in a clean report. Managers with access to payroll reporting can configure these reports to calculate unpaid breaks, include employee IDs and GL codes, or to calculate payroll from your scheduled shifts rather than a time clock. It's all visible for your entire team or individual employees.

Integrated time
clock data

Make payroll more accurate and save on labor costs using your integrated time clock data. This report lets managers view a breakdown of their pay period by individual employee clock ins and outs, their earnings and hours, for the positions they worked. All in an exportable format.

Budget creation
and labor forecasting

Our payroll reports also allow managers to look backward and review labor hour and cost demands and the differential of hours scheduled versus hours worked - a helpful tool when building schedules for the next period. With this insight you can build a schedule that fits the true demand your organization has.

Precision settings for
more accuracy

SubItUp offers precision settings when processing payroll so that your budget remains accurate. Rounding errors are common and can throw your books off. SubItUp lets you generate payroll reports using precision settings, including three decimals, to avoid those rounding errors and check reissuance.



Ready-made exports and full integrations get payroll done faster.

SubItUp comes loaded with several custom payroll exports for the most popular payroll processing platforms used today, like ADP, Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle PeopleSoft, Workday, Paychex, and more. You can also communicate data between SubItUp and your HRIS platform in real time, saving managers countless hours by integrating SubItUp with your back office.

And, if we don't have the report you need we can custom build it for you.


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