Save time, extra steps, and money by
integrating HR tools with SubItUp.

Streamline processes and how agile your data is... from automating the addition of new hires,
to accessing real-time payroll data, to centralizing employee engagement statistics.


Automate when staff are eligible to be scheduled.

SubItUp saves you the redundant steps involved in hiring and then approving employees to be scheduled. Once a new hire is made and approved to work in your HCM software, that staff record is created in SubItUp under the appropriate manager, who can then begin scheduling that new employee. When an employee is no longer employed by the organization, your HR staff can simply remove them and that will be reflected in SubItUp.

new hire management

No more missed payroll deadlines or reissued checks.

SubItUp can provide you access to your payroll data from within your back-office software. It's as easy as crawl-walk-run. Our engineering team will work with you to set up a line of communication between our platform and your back-office. Then, we can determine if file transfers or end-to-end APIs best suit your use case. And just like that, the wait for a payroll spreadsheet to arrive via email is over.


Get more done with one platform and save on the cost of using others.

Gone are the days of using a separate scheduling platform, time and attendance software, communication tool, and availability collection method. SubItUp centralizes these tools for you so that you can do more and spend less. Then, we integrate to your back-office software so your HR and finance teams have access to the data they need too.

other software

Configure SubItUp to retrieve your data, like staff availability.

Connecting your HR and workforce management platform gives you access to countless other data points. For example, staff availability tied to class schedules or training programs. SubItUp will retrieve these schedules from your back-office and import them to each employee's availability to prevent scheduling conflicts down the road.


Build detailed performance reviews in minutes.

SubItUp aggregates a great deal of information specific to employee performance and punctuality - which can all be centralized for your HR team. Managers can create and conduct performance reviews from within SubItUp which are shared with your HCM software. Now, HR can have a complete picture of employee engagement and performance with data points like dropped shifts, timeliness, shifts worked, wages earned, and overall performance.

performance reviews

Need a unique integration?

Our team has built over 200 niche integrations for many different needs. Let's chat about yours and see if we can help.

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Securely manage staff access and password fatigue.

One of the greatest risks to your organization can be through employee accounts, redundant passwords, and users who should not have access to your data. SubItUp helps you control all this through Single Sign-On. We offer the most popular authentication methods - including LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, and Azure AD. Our team will help you configure your SSO configuration, teach your managers how to add users to your SSO configuration, and can even automate the creation of new, validated employees to make improving security a quick and painless process.

single sign on


Connect your operational platforms
to SubItUp and get in the groove.

Streamline the areas of your business that require specific platforms for operational tasks, like creating shifts when a reservation is made or importing games or events that have staffing needs.

Easily import events
from existing EMS

If you use an EMS software to create events, SubItUp can save you from a lengthy scheduling process. Simply define your staffing needs and import your event schedule into SubItUp. Voila, your shifts are created and you can instantly survey employees for their availability.

Automatically create
shifts when a new
reservation is booked.

Managers were spending too much time creating shifts for maintenance or cleaning before and after short-term property rentals. So, we built a solution that integrates with Guesty, a property management platform. This detects when a reservation is made, creates the necessary shifts in SubItUp, and alerts staff who can pick them up in real-time, keeping the operation moving and redundancy in check.

Automate scheduling, without double-booking officials, for sports games.

SubItUp integrates with IMLeagues, one of the most popular platforms for managing intramural and club sport game schedules. By importing your game schedule, you can quickly autogenerate schedules for those events without worrying about issues tied to time off requests, class schedules, or other work commitments for student-employees that have multiple jobs.


Integrate SubItUp with
the platforms you already use.

Have a unique process that complicates your job or takes your time away? Let's fix that. We believe that work can be easier, and technology can solve even the most complex workplace problems. We're excited to collaborate with you to understand the problems you're encountering and find a way to resolve them. Our engineering team will help you evaluate what a custom integration can do for you and then develop that integration to help you achieve your team's goals.

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