increase accountability

Evaluate Staff Performance.

Assess important time clock and attendance data for employee reviews and evaluations.
Evaluate schedule engagement and other key performance indicators.
SubItUp records schedule modifications to hold the proper employees accountable.

How does it work?

  • Evaluate Timeliness
    Use time clock data to easily and accurately compare an employee's scheduled hours to actual hours for evaluating timeliness.
  • Validate Attendance
    Evaluate time clock data in real-time to validate attendance. View clock in/out times, when and where an employee clocked in, and other important attendance data.
  • Track Schedule Changes
    SubItUp automatically records and tracks changes made to every shift. Managers can evaluate shift details to ensure the proper employees are held accountable.
  • View Schedule Engagement
    See how frequently an employee is checking their schedule. Managers can view and adjust staff notification settings to improve attendance.
  • Staff Performance Reports
    Use automated reporting features to track employee performance for reviews. From attendance to shift trading activity - SubItUp offers several reports for monitoring employee effectiveness.
  • Employee Activity Summary
    Evaluate important details about each employee's activities, such as how often they are trading shifts, the amount of notice given for time off requests, and more.

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