Stay focused on the big picture and
maximize your team productivity.

Keep your managers
focused on strategic projects.

Cut the time it takes your managers to build and manage the work schedule by over 80%, giving them their time back to focus on the important stuff. What used to take 10+ hours a week will now take less than 2. Our only question is, 'what will your team get done next?'.

Give employees the
flexibility to thrive.

The modern-day employee craves flexibility. In fact, they will seek out other opportunities if they don't have it. SubItUp gives employees the ability to self-manage their schedule, while maintaining high levels of accountability to the shifts they've been assigned. A win-win for businesses and employees alike.

Integrate your platforms
and avoid the extra work.

SubItUp extends beyond employees and managers. We have tools for your hiring and finance teams, IT professionals, and risk team. We can integrate with over 200 back-office tools to eliminate extra steps and countless hours of added work your extended teams have too.


GET Costs Under Control

Save on direct and indirect
costs across the organization.

SubItUp was first built to address operational issues in managing teams. Over time, our users have asked for tools that eliminate costs for them, like the countless number of hours managers' spend reconciling time and attendance. Here are a few other ways we can help you reduce costs.

Eliminate extra, unnecessary software licenses
Drastically reduce the time managers spend building schedules
Stop time theft and unnecessary overtime costs
Lower the cost of hiring by keeping staff engaged from the start
Automate reconciliation of time and attendance
Integrate your schedule and time clock with the back-office


Enable your managers to
make insight-backed decisions.

It's common for leadership be the only ones able to access information that would be beneficial for managers to have. In SubItUp, we let your managers share the insights that impact the bottom line - like if one employee will cost more than another available employee on a particular shift. Now, your managers can make sound decisions that align with your goals.

Understand which employees cost more per shift
Review staff punctuality and attendance records
Access time clock data from last year to build this year's schedule
Visualize where employees physically clock in from
Audit staff time entries for early clock ins or late clock outs
Track Federal Work Study awards and their burn down
And much more!

"I must have downloaded and evaluated 15 to 20 different software products, but none of them lived up to my expectations - until I found SubItUp."

Martha H., University of Minnesota


Enable your managers to
make insight-backed decisions.

SubItUp has invested millions in processes and tools that protect your data and privacy. We've taken steps to ensure that everyone, regardless of disability, has equal access to the schedule. As an organization, we believe it's not just the right thing to do but the only right way to manage the workforce - securely and for everyone.

NIST CyberSecurity Framework compliant
HECVAT (Educause) compliant
SOC 2 Type I and Type II compliant
ADA Section 508 compliant
WCAG 2.1 AA compliant
EN 301 549 compliant (European standard)
Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication methods
Explore Accessibility & Compliance


Unite your teams and move
as one organization.

In SubItUp, there are no walls between managers. Your teams don't have several apps or accounts to navigate. Your data is in one spot and can travel where you need it to. Your managers will know when staff can work, not when they want to work. You will be able to share time and attendance data with payroll in one click. Your managers will collaborate to prevent conflict; your employees will collaborate to maximize shift coverage; your organization will reap the rewards.

Transform the way you work.

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Save 5% on gross payroll costs.

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