Tell managers when you can work and the times you cannot.

SubItUp makes submitting availability a fast and simple task. Your manager will send a request for you to submit availability; you will then select shifts you can work and set them as available, set those you cannot work as unavailable, and set the shifts you are available but prefer other times as no preference. SubItUp will let your manager know and always build the schedule with your preferences in mind.

 availability collection
shift changes


Make the changes you need and easily find shift coverage.

We get it. Life happens. SubItUp lets you self-manage your schedule, giving you the flexibility to add a shift, swap with a teammate, and find coverage when you need it. The best part is everything can be done from within SubItUp. No need to make calls to your managers or teammates. Simply find the shift you need to adjust, review your team's availability, and offer to swap with that coworker. Once you both agree your manager will be notified and can approve the change.

shift changes


See what you could earn based on your wage and availability.

SubItUp helps employees understand the wages they can earn based on the availability they put in the system. During availability collection, an employee will clearly see what percentage of shifts they are available for, if specific shifts have financial incentives tied to them (you know, those hard to fill opening or closing shifts), and what they could earn should they be scheduled for the shifts they've indicated they can work.

shift earnings

"Subitup makes scheduling 100,000x easier. It is a very clear and concise way to keep everyone's schedules in one place. I love how it has a place specifically for contacts so you only have to go to one place to find a staff members contact info."

Rachel N., Purdue University

Your entire team is
only one click away.

When you open your contact list you will see your coworkers that work in positions you also share with them. This will have their email address, phone number, and positions they work in with you. You'll also see their personal pronouns, so you know how to greet them.

schedule filters


Quickly see the hours you're
scheduled for and have worked.

Curious what you're going to make or the hours you've already worked? SubItUp summarizes the hours you're on the schedule for and your time clock entries from prior shifts. This helps you know what your workload will be in the coming weeks or what your paycheck will look like when it arrives. You can also verify your time entries from this report.

schedule filters


Request time off without forgetting about shifts you're scheduled for.

Need a day off? That's no problem. When you request time off through SubItUp, it will be saved so you aren't scheduled to work during that time in the future. It will also show your teammates that you're unavailable to work during that time, so they don't reach out to you for coverage. All to keep your inbox clean. And, if you request time off but have shifts scheduled on that day, SubItUp will help you find coverage for those shifts so you can submit your request.


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