More options, more efficiency.

Smarter time tracking, from logging time all the way to processing it.

SubItUp's completely integrated time clock uncomplicates life, eliminates the need for expensive hardware, is touchless, it can scan badges - the sky is the limit. Easier time tracking is where we start. We also automate reconciliation, make payroll more accurate, and stop downstream issues before they happen.

Bigger Issues Resolved

The problem with manual time and attendance.

When your time and attendance processes are manual, you're facing common hurdles such as longer reconciliation time, forced timecard adjustments, reissuance of checks, and overtime costs.

Who else is impacted by manual time tracking?
Managers spend a tremendous amount of time reconciling employee-submitted time. Unintentional errors can then impact your finance team who is processing payroll off this data. That could lead to paying employees less, requests to reissue checks, or processing inflated overtime costs.
The cost implications of inaccurate timecards.
On average, inaccurate timecards and reconciliation errors result in a 5% increase in wages paid. For larger organizations this figure can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.
How SubItUp solves these issues?
SubItUp offers many time clock options - offline, roster-based, mobile - to match how you operate. Then, we integrate with your schedule data to automatically reconcile timesheets. After that is verified by your managers, which takes minutes, it can be integrated directly with your back-office payroll system. That's how we uncomplicate a time-intensive process.

There's A Lot Connected to Time and Attendance

Prioritize safety with a touchless time clock.
Our time clock has a safe touchless mode where you can turn any mobile device into a time clock, meaning all employees can clock in and out from their phone without touching shared, physical surfaces.
Save countless hours by letting SubItUp automate reconciliation.
Since your time clock is integrated with your schedule, it automatically compares time entries to scheduled work hours and flags anomalies. Now, you can easily find and adjust the timesheets that need adjusting in minutes.
Control missed punches and find training opportunities.
SubItUp's time clock will alert you when someone forgot to clock out and will alert them, so they don't forget next time. It also has manager-controlled settings for how early or late employees can clock in and out of a shift.
Make your payroll more accurate and integrated.
Your timesheets will be more accurate. That accuracy means you can integrate to your back-office software (we integrate with over 200 systems) so you can process payroll faster, with fewer reissued checks, and with less overtime costs.
  • Online Time Clock
  • Real-time Time Clock Data
  • Access Control
  • Contactless Time Tracking
  • GPS Location Verification
  • Offline Time Clock
  • Roster Clock In
  • Badge Scanning
  • Clock In Restrictions
  • Scheduled Shift Enforcement
  • Timesheet Reconciliation

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.