Reducing human error

Saving you time and the
burden of mistakes.

We've heard the stories; using three screens to verify time entries, downloading files to import them into another system, and manually transcribing timecards into payroll software. Human errors, while honest mistakes, cost you time or money (or both). SubItUp will automate reconciliation, make payroll more accurate, and send it to your payroll system all in one step.

Streamlining reconciliation

Understanding the manual reconciliation process.

Manual reconciliation of time is a laborious and costly process. It takes your managers hours on end to ensure employee submitted time is accurate. Then, it is verified in a separate process by finance. Only then can it be processed for payroll. This is ultimately a days-long process when complete.

This process costs you more than just time.
Time is one thing. Unintentional errors impact your payroll, often seen as underpaying or overpaying employees, reissuance of checks, or inflated overtime costs.
The financial cost of manual processes and inaccurate timecards.
On average, inaccurate timecards and reconciliation errors result in a 5% increase in wages paid. For larger organizations this figure can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.
What happens when SubItUp automates it all?
SubItUp compares time entries with shift data to flag anomalies. Now, your managers only focus on problems - a considerable time savings. Once verified by your managers, which takes minutes, your payroll reporting can be integrated directly with your back-office payroll system.

There's A Lot Connected to Reconciliation and Reporting

Smarter time and attendance settings limit human mistakes.
SubItUp allows you to control how and when employees can clock in or out, and makes them verify it is really them when they do it. These configuration settings ensure you control what they submit and spend less time searching for missing elements later.
Robust payroll reports let you compare time entries and scheduled shifts.
SubItUp also aggregates your shift or time and attendance data into comprehensive payroll reports. You can see what you would pay in the future, what employees have logged in the past, and export it all for your finance team.
Streamline your payroll process by directly integrating with your back office.
Looking for a more streamlined process? SubItUp has directly integrated with over 200 back-office finance systems to pass payroll data. Add in your own GL codes and then integrate with Workday, PeopleSoft, Quickbooks, Banner, and countless others, to make processing payroll accurate and simple.
View and edit pay rates in your team dashboard.
Need to look at one individual's pay rates? SubItUp shows you hours worked and individual pay rates per position, all by individual team member. You can make adjustments on their profile that carry through to all reports in SubItUp.
  • Time clock data reporting
  • Automatic timecard reconciliation
  • Overtime flags
  • Payroll reporting and exports
  • Labor cost forecasts
  • Settings for breaks, overtime, and rounding
  • Import or add custom GL codes
  • Custom payroll integrations

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.