Compliance is king

Built to reduce risk to your organization.

SubItUp can help you streamline your credential management to ensure only IT-validated users are accessing the platform. Let our integration team work directly with your IT leadership to implement the SSO solution you need using configurations for Shibboleth (InCommon, self-hosted), LDAP, CAS, and Azure AD.

Limiting Risk

The new frontier of digital security.

Every day organizations deal with security breaches, protecting personally identifiable information, and battle redundant passwords. SubItUp has invested millions to help protect you. Single Sign-On is just one of the tools that help you meet your IT team's security standards.

What's the reality of digital security these days?
Well, the Federal Trade Commission received 1.4 million reports of identify theft in 2020, more than 90% of all healthcare organizations reported at least one security breach, and almost 60% of people use the same password across multiple, separate accounts.
How does that manifest itself on my team?
Most often, weak or redundant passwords are the source of a data breach. When that occurs you will spend countless hours and labor costs on finding and correcting the issue.
How can SSO protect us?
SSO configurations will consolidate your user passwords to the one account approved by IT. Your IT team can then also control who retains access to SubItUp. In the event of a breach or employee termination, they will be able to take swift action to protect your organization.

There's A Lot Connected to Single Sign-On

Speed up the sign-in process.
It's reported that employees switch between roughly 10 apps every hour. Using one IT-validated account requires employees remember fewer passwords across organization applications and speeds up the sign in process.
Easily manage and create validated users.
SubItUp's single sign-on solutions make the process of creating, updating and removing users simple. Manage SSO user accounts directly from your SubItUp portal.
Streamline the compliance audit process.
SubItUp provides standard documentation that shows compliance with accepted compliance protocols, helping to save you time during the time-intensive process of IT audits.
Reduce the number of calls managers.
When your employees can't log in, they will call a manager. With SSO in place, and that trusty password handy, they won't require assistance as often.
  • Shibboleth
    (InCommon, self-hosted)
  • LDAP
  • CAS
  • AzureAD
  • 48-hour implementation
  • Multiple authentication types
  • Configuration dashboard

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