Team Health & Wellness

Measure and maintain health
across the workforce.

The last thing a business owner or manager want is for their staff to deal with sickness that could have been controlled. When one person gets sick, that can lead to many, which can create coverage issues, manager time getting used up, or the business having to close its doors for the short-term. SubItUp helps you track employee health and wellness, manage potential outbreaks and keep your entire team safe.

Team Safety

Start improving safety standards today.

A simple toolset can help you prioritize employee and customer safety, or even track data you need for compliance with state guidelines.

Why should I track COVID-related information?
Employees surveyed across the US have indicated they feel more comfortable at work knowing leadership is looking out for their health. That helps you build a culture of trust among leadership and their peers. You also have the data readily available to protect members of your team should you encounter an outbreak at work.
If I don't, what issues would I encounter?
The first, and obvious, answer is your staff become sick. When your staff become sick, you need to find coverage. That requires manager time (a labor cost). You might have to pay employees overtime (a direct cost exceeding your budget). And, if you can't find any employees then you're risking closure.
How does SubItUp resolve these issues for me?
SubItUp helps you track and manage outbreaks in the background. Our contact tracing tools visualizes shift overlap so you know who worked with someone that might be ill and can take the steps you want to protect other team members. You can also track vaccination status and set schedule qualifiers for vaccinated or unvaccinated employees.

There's a lot connected to Availability Collection

Set scheduling qualifiers based on vaccination status.
SubItUp can track vaccination status for you but taking it a step further is where we can shine. If you require certain staff be vaccinated to work a certain position, SubItUp can check their status and schedule them if they meet the criteria - or withhold them from the schedule if they do not.
Visualize physical contact using contact tracing.
When managing an outbreak at work, SubItUp helps you quickly identify all the employees that worked that day during the time the sick employee was on-site. In a few clicks you can aggregate the list of employees you need to communicate to.
Limit employee exposure by creating pods and using shift rotations.
You can also limit team exposure by grouping and rotating employees in pods. Now, you know that a portion of your workforce will have no contact with the other portions and have a contingency plan should one pod have an outbreak.
Track vaccination status and export to your HRIS software.
Vaccination status can also be integrated to your HRIS software where you maintain employee or student records, making it easy to maintain the employee profile and ensure the proper precautions are taken when scheduling those individuals.
  • Vaccination Tracking
  • Expiration Reminders
  • Shift Rotations
  • Automated Shift Rotation Scheduling
  • Contact Tracing
  • Touchless Time Clocks

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

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