Uniting teams

Delivering manager autonomy
and global insights to leadership.

Keeping your team organized can be tough, especially for large organizations. At the same time, understanding the efficiency of your workforce can be even harder when everyone uses their own tools. SubItUp brings it all under one roof so leadership can see global labor and engagement insights, while individual managers control only those they manage.

Breaking Down Silos

Why don't we manage our entire workforce in one system?

When managers use separate systems across the organization it oftentimes leads to double-booked employees, unclear labor forecasts, and time-intensive exercises for hiring or performance reviews. The silos contribute to inefficiency.

How does SubItUp manage your teams more efficiently?
We bring everything under one roof and let you create your teams and positions. Once your organization is structured, you will add your managers and staff. Now you're able to manage everything about the position or employee in one location.
Would that still mean my managers have unique accounts?
Yes. This is the best part. Your managers only see the employees they schedule and manage. But your account owners and organizational leadership would have global visibility into labor costs and team engagement.
What if we use an HRIS system to manage our team?
Great. Most good organizations do. SubItUp integrates with your HRIS software so your HR team or managers don't have to worry about hours and hours of data entry, and HR knows that only approved staff are on the schedule.

There's A Lot Connected to Team Management

Conflict-free tools control double-booking of employees.
When your entire team is using SubItUp, conflict goes away. That's because we check their schedule across all managers and save it, so even they can't accept a shift that would create an issue.
Managers can schedule across multiple positions and locations.
Large organizations have thousands of staff across locations, positions, even time zones. SubItUp has position and location-based categorization, and then adds in tools to make scheduling easy – like travel buffers to staff traveling across a campus, or time zone management so you can schedule staff that work across the globe at one time.
Leadership can clearly understand employee engagement.
SubItUp measure employee engagement for you, showing managers any employee's weekly hours, shift trading activity, helpfulness to their peers, even the amount of notice they provide when requesting time off.
Communication is improved and consolidated.
SubItUp offers an on-demand messaging portal as well as automated managerial reminders and notifications. The way employees receive that information is based on settings in their profile. Managers can choose to send a text, email, or in-app message to a position group and individual employee from their Staff Dashboard.
Employees are held to their max hours across all their positions.
Exceeding the weekly hours for an employee carries cost implications and, in some cases, violates law. SubItUp lets you control daily and weekly max hours some or all employees can work so that generating a schedule adheres to the standards your organization has set.
  • View shift coverage
  • Shift adds, drops, swaps reporting
  • Conflict-free safeguards
  • Import and export managers and employees
  • Maintain active and archived staff
  • Adjust communication methods
  • Track and modify pay rates
  • Assign manager-level permissions
  • Manage employee certifications
  • Integrate with back-office software

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.