Better Budgeting

Build and stay within your
budgets for good.

Budgeting is more than a spreadsheet or report at the end of a two-week period. Done right, you can predict labor costs. Done right, you won't pay extravagant overtime costs. Done right, you will understand what that big event will cost you. SubItUp is your budgeting concierge, making it simple to assess costs in real time.

The Starting Point

Do you fully understand what's connected to payroll?

Everything is connected - your schedule sets initial labor budgets, shift trades change that, employees picking up overtime then increase costs, and now you are scrambling to stay within your budget.

Are my payroll costs in control?
They might be. They might not be. Ask yourself this: did your payroll costs match or exceed the shifts you scheduled? You'll likely find that planned shift costs don't always correlate to the final payroll. That's a problem.
What's making me exceed my labor budget?
Your managers have a budget and schedule labor within that budget. They may not always see unauthorized employee clock-ins, or understand the wage difference between two employees swapping shifts, or catch missed clock outs that contribute to overtime costs.
How does SubItUp resolve these issues?
SubItUp starts managing your budget before you process a report by managing overtime settings, reconciling time cards for you, and then adds precision settings to your payroll reports. Combining these tools together ensures you understand all your cost implications and make the best budget decisions every day.

There's A Lot Connected to Budgeting & Reporting

Send your payroll reports to the back-office with custom integrations.
SubItUp comes standard with a configurable payroll report and includes off-the-shelf payroll reports and integrations for the most popular HRIS systems out there, like PeopleSoft, Workday, Banner, ADP, and more. All reports use validated time clock data and allow you to determine rounding rules to manage your labor costs most effectively.
Countless settings let you analyze labor forecasts and costs.
Analyzing costs just became a whole lot easier. SubItUp has bi-weekly reports that allow you to create the data set you need. Simply choose the parameters you want - time card data, shift data, breaks, overtime - and analyze what your labor forecast and payroll costs are by department, individual, or shift type.
Use the shift cost tool to see payroll implications in real time.
The shift cost tool is a beautiful security blanket for managers. It allows you to evaluate a variety of staffing scenarios and their impact on labor costs for that specific shift. Simply adjust the employee assigned to that shift to see the delta in total labor costs and achieve your budgetary goals.
Track global budgets for events and save them as a template.
SubItUp's event scheduling tool tracks event-specific budgets for you. It will track each employee's individual wage and shift assignment, and then aggregate total labor costs for the entire event. You'll be left with a clear understanding of labor costs by event, position, and individual and can make final adjustments to keep the big game in the black.
Set employee max hours so you better control overtime risk.
Budgeting starts with how much work we actually assign to our employees. SubItUp lets you set the daily and weekly max hours employees are allowed to work. It then tracks that as more and more shifts are assigned so you understand the hours each employee has worked at any given moment.
Manage federal work study debits and credits.
For our higher education community, SubItUp manages and tracks debits and credits of federal work study programs. Everything from pay rate tracking, to wage changes, to labor forecasting, and availability collection help managers maximize students' federal awards.
  • Bi-weekly time reports
  • Payroll reports
  • Breaks reports
  • Payroll provider integrations
  • Signature forms
  • Work study management
  • Weekly hours summaries
  • Staff level and ID reports
  • Event budgeting tools
  • Shift cost analysis
  • Time and attendance settings
  • Demand-based scheduling and reporting

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

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