Integrations made easy

Built to integrate with your
exact back-office solution.

Whether mainstream or homegrown, SubItUp integrations simplify life for all your teams. From payroll to human resources, to event management and intramural sports, to property management, even ingesting your demand data to build schedules; we have the tools you need to communicate data between your platforms. And, if we haven't built it already our engineering team is ready to chat about custom API-driven integrations specific to you.

The power of connections

Ready to achieve a wider range of tasks? Us too.

Integrations can be complex and difficult to think about. At SubItUp, we simplify it all. By leveraging the strengths of your platforms together, taking the best of what they do individually, your teams can save time and achieve a wider range of tasks without lifting a finger.

The common misconception of one-size-fits-all.
Not long-ago software was developed to be a single solution for all problems. But that software was only scratching at the surface of efficiency. Now, technology has evolved to deliver solutions that are best-in-breed at what they do, and those platforms need to be leveraged together - not replaced.
The problem with managing data in multiple platforms.
If you've ever toggled between tabs, dictated data between applications, or even manually entered timecards from one system to another - you've experienced the problem. Extra time, extra steps, and in some cases human error all stem from disconnected software.
How you can achieve more.
SubItUp integrations exist to eliminate added steps, ensure accuracy, and let you get your time back to focus on the bigger picture. Integrating SubItUp with your HRIS software, for example, gives you the strength of workforce management with the power of payroll processing and record keeping. Integrating with a property management software can create triggers to create a new shift and alert your employees whenever a new booking is made online. This is the power of integrations.

There's A Lot Connected to Back-Office Integrations

Use demand-based scheduling to meet the need you have.
SubItUp will ingest your demand data, from platforms like Microsoft Power BI, and then automate schedule generation based off your data and the shifts you need. Once complete, managers can review and publish schedules - or that can be automated too.
Automate payroll processing and eliminate extra steps.
Need your payroll report to arrive on a certain date and time every two weeks. That's easy. Need it configured to the exact specs your back-office solution requires. That's easy too.
Automatically reconcile your time clock data to save time.
Once employees enter their time in SubItUp, it is automatically reconciled and can be automated to your back-office - like Oracle PeopleSoft - eliminating the need for employees to re-enter time in a second platform, and for managers to have to re-check those entries for accuracy.
Retrieve availability from your HRIS system.
SubItUp can also retrieve important things that impact availability, like requests for time off or even student class schedules, from your back-office. Once we have that information, we can add it to an employee's availability to ensure you have a conflict-free schedule from the start.
Set triggers that automatically create shifts.
If you run a business that builds shifts based on bookings, like tutoring or property rentals, SubItUp has you covered too. With the two systems integrated we will know when you have a new shift need and can trigger the creation of a shift and notification to your employees that an available shift is ready to be picked up.
Automate shift creation by importing EMS software events.
For those that manage and schedule around events - from world-renowned marathons to club and intramural sports - a direct integration will help you easily send your schedule data to SubItUp. Then, your staffing needs can be fulfilled using shift assignments, hours tracking, conflict-free tools, and Social Scheduling™.
  • Payroll provider integrations
  • Certification and training management
  • Intramural scheduling with IMLeagues
  • EMS event scheduling integrations
  • Custom file generation
  • Secure JSON API
  • Ingest data using RSS (XML)
  • Real-time data using WebHooks

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.