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Why Your Schedule and Time Clock Should Be Integrated

Whether you're in higher education or running a private recreation facility, your staff members are the most important as well as the the most expensive resource for your organization. Your payroll is more than likely one of, if not the, largest expense in your department. This makes it absolutely essential to get right.

You must manage your workforce effectively in order to get the most out of the financial investment the organization has made in your team. This means finding efficient ways to build and manage your schedule, as well as ensuring your payroll is as precise as possible. Only, many teams still use a tool to build the schedule, a separate tool to clock in, a different tool to communicate, and so on. This chaos is adding tasks to your already-full plate and is the cause for inaccuracies that are probably making you pay more than you should in labor costs. What if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds, employee scheduling and time and attendance in one platform, and it will help you maximize your budget and save you time processing payroll? 

The Benefits of Integrated Time and Attendance Software

Implementing a cloud-based time clock was supposed to make your process better, right? Staff didn't have to touch physical time cards anymore, they'd now punch time in at a workstation or on their phone. It was going to save you time. But the time clock is not integrated with the schedule, you're still reconciling time clock entries manually, and this is costing you precious time and the organization thousands of dollars. In fact, Intuit reports that businesses that manually reconcile time and attendance pay 5% more in gross labor costs annually. That's a lot of money.

When your schedule and time clock are integrated, however, you can automate the reconciliation process to save yourself all that time. You can set rules that control how early or late staff can clock in and out. You can effectively govern time theft. But, you can only do that with an integrated solution.

SubItUp's web-based time clock offers several options to match how you operate: mobile phone configurations, single workstations, roster punching for teams that arrive at one time, and various scanning methods. Your team can clock in and out on their own devices, within parameters you set. Then, we integrate with your schedule data to automatically reconcile timesheets. Managers only need to verify anomalies, which takes minutes, and then SubItUp builds accurate payroll reports or integrates to your back-office payroll system. 

A few of the benefits you can expect when you switch to SubItUp's time and attendance software include the fact that you will:

Give Your Managers Their Time Back 

You're already all-too aware of how long your current scheduling and reconciliation process takes. Managers tell us they spend anywhere between 2-4 hours looking at two screens, verifying that time punches match scheduled shift times, every pay period. We reduce that to an exercise that takes minutes. Automating this process alone saves managers hours and hours of time, and organizations thousands of dollars in wages they'd spend performing those tasks.

Eliminate Confusing Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. You already use software to do everything from count your daily steps to knowing what television shows you may like, so why would your time clock be any different? Our time and attendance solution offers an easier experience, delivers better manager insights, and helps streamline your payroll process too. 

A spreadsheet, even the most complex and perfected one, cannot make clocking in easier for employees. It cannot tell managers which staff need a bit of coaching on their punctuality. It can't help keep you within budget. SubItUp makes work easier for managers and employees, it makes payroll more accurate, and it stops downstream issues before they happen.  

Never Schedule Staff Over The Max Hours They Can Work

Tracking time and attendance via software gives you the ability to ensure your staff are never scheduled over the maximum hours they're allowed to work. This is a crucial element in controlling costs and adhering to organizational standards. If you aren't monitoring max hour ceilings and time clock data at the same time, you may end up with employees qualifying for overtime or violating policies unbeknownst to them.

SubItUp manages this for you by monitoring scheduled shifts, active time punches, and prevents employees from picking up additional shifts if they'll exceed their hourly ceiling.

Prevent Time Theft

When employees can clock in whenever they want, without rules helping you manage this, it becomes impossible to hold to your expected payroll budget. Imagine if all your staff clocked out ten minutes late once per week. Then, on your payroll report this rounds to the quarter hour. You're now paying all your staff an extra 15 minutes of labor that they did not work. It might seem trivial if you're manually reviewing the time entry, but it all adds up quickly. If you had 50 staff that all made $12/hour, you'd be paying 12.5 hours per week. At the end of the year that would equate to $7,200 in payroll. This is a conservative model too. Intuit also reports that 49% of employees admit to adding time to their time card. For 46% of those employees, they add between 15-60 minutes of time. The other 3% add over 60 minutes. This is could be once per week, or every shift. And it all impacts your bottom line. SubItUp provides you the framework to control this.

Learn More About Time and Attendance Software From SubItUp

The problems with disconnected schedules and time and attendance platforms are resolved with SubItUp. Our completely-integrated time clock uncomplicates your life, eliminates the need for expensive hardware, is touchless, can scan badges, and more. Not to mention a better experience for everyone on your team. 

Our software is highly personalized, which means it can be configured to meet the requirements of any organization. Have questions? Well then let's chat. We'd be happy to walk you through how things work on a personalized demo. In this demo, you will see how switching to our time and attendance software will automate your processes, increase your efficiency, reduce your labor costs, and reduce the risk of human error. Our team will be happy to show you the exciting solutions we have for you. 


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