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An Introductory Guide to Time and Leave Management

Did you know that American workers forfeited almost half of their paid vacation in 2017? The same study found that 10% of American workers didn't take any vacation days.

Taking time away from work is important for your employees and for your business. It can help to boost their happiness and in turn ensure they're more engaged when they're at work.

But what's the best way to encourage your employees to take the leave they're entitled to? By creating an automated time and leave management system, keep reading to find out more about how you can improve your staff management.

What Is Leave Management?

Leave management is one aspect of the staff management process, whereby employees request leave or time off work and their supervisors or managers grant or deny that time off (based on the workplaces leave policies). Time and leave management is a crucial part of your business's HR efforts and needs to be easy for both employees and managers.

An effective leave management process needs to:

  • Comply with your organizations leave policies
  • Ensure your employees are satisfied with the system
  • And provide details about the availability of time off (i.e. ensure there are enough staff in at all times).

Inadequate leave management systems might negatively impact your employee's performances and productivity. That's because taking leave is essential to boost your employee's happiness levels and morale in the workplace.

Boosting happiness levels and morale is more important than ever. According to a Gallup poll, in 2016, 53% of workers weren't engaged with their work. While 16.5% felt actively disengaged at work.

Get a Time Management System That Works for You

Manual time and management processes can be time-consuming, which in turn increases your costs. That's why more and more businesses are relying on automated leave management systems.

Automated systems allow your employees to access their own portals where they can request leave. They can also find out how many days left they have of their leave allowance.

Managers can then set up teams and access their employee's leave requests when they come through. This allows the whole system to be performed in real-time and eliminate any errors.

Automated systems benefit your employees and can save their managers time, but they can also help out your HR team too. That's because your HR team can monitor and track with ease your employee's leave and vacations.

Your business can also benefit from an automated system because you're able to assess leave concerns and policies. These easy-to-use systems also help you draw a clearer analysis of the financial costs of your leave allowances. But before you start researching automated time and leave management systems for your business, make sure you understand which features your employee scheduling needs to have.

Improve the Way Your Employees Work

Happier employees ensure enhanced productivity and business success. So, if you want to improve the way your employees work then you need to find an effective leave management system that works for you and them. Remember to find a system that works in real-time and gives you all the data and analysis you need.

Get in touch with us to discuss your leave management needs and to find out how our easy-to-use platform can help you.

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