Social Scheduling™

Social Scheduling™ lets employees solve the problem instead of passing it on to managers.

Social Scheduling™, SubItUp's sole source framework, gives your team the ability to self-manage adds, drops and swaps amongst themselves. The idea began when we were managing teams. We'd have last minute call outs, staff that could no longer work suddenly, and we - as managers - were left trying to find coverage. Been there before?

Build Accountability

Train your staff to be your best resource.

When your staff believe someone else has to solve their problems, they will pass the buck. It's human nature. You now have the power to transform your team culture, and it starts with building accountability.

How you can improve staff accountability?
Imagine you no longer had to facilitate conversations between employees. They had the power to trade shifts amongst themselves. Before they dropped a shift, they had to find coverage. And managers were only involved at the point of approval. Sounds nice, huh?
How Social Scheduling™ helps you do that?
Simple. We've built tools that let employees directly swap with another employee, that let employees advertise a shift they need coverage for to their peers and have fail safes that restrict them from dropping a shift before they find coverage.
What will happen when you improve accountability?
Managers using SubItUp save a minimum of 8 hours a month and, in most cases, much more. Their shift coverage is no longer a daily seesaw requiring their attention. Bottom line, Social Scheduling™ ensures employees know their commitments and solve problems before passing them on to managers.

There's A Lot Connected to Social Scheduling™

Collecting availability enables staff to trade shifts more easily.
SubItUp saves employee availability, so when a worker needs to find coverage, they know who is available and who isn't. Now, employees have the fast track to finding coverage since they can easily find who wants to work and can then initiate a shift trade or coverage request.
Employees can find coverage in minutes before requesting time off.
When an employee makes a time off request, they are required to find coverage for their existing shifts during that time. SubItUp's RTO dashboard will pause them and push them to Social Scheduling™ features first. Just like that... managers no longer have to coordinate coverage.
Visualize who has reached their max hours before approving employee swap requests.
Sometimes, employees will agree to a swap or to pick up a shift for someone. But that isn't always the best move for your organization. Overtime costs come into play if the worker picking up the shift has already reached their max hours for the week. SubItUp delivers real-time insights into employee max hours so you can clearly who's reached their limit and who hasn't.
Peer-to-peer swaps are accompanied by shift cost analysis.
Much like max hours tracking, SubItUp also tracks wages. More importantly, we show you the differential in the cost of the shift when a staff change is being made to it. If Johnny makes $40 for the shift, and Tricia makes $65 and wants to pick it up, you will see that and be able to approve or deny knowing the impact to your budget.
  • Employee managed adds, drops or swaps
  • Manager approval requirements
  • Direct peer-to-peer swaps
  • Open swaps to all peers
  • Qualified swaps for certified employees
  • Budget comparison tools
  • Overtime settings
  • Automated alerts for available shifts

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

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