Simplifying event staffing

Scheduling for events takes time. Put your extra steps in the rearview mirror.

Think about all the steps you take if you manually schedule your events. You create shifts in Excel, import your schedule into Doodle, send surveys to employees, wait for them to respond, and then transfer the information back into Excel and assign shifts - SubItUp makes those extra steps obsolete.

It's all about organization

More organization, better scheduling.

Events are no joke - our friends at the NY Road Runners know this. On any given weekend they have 5 to 20 events, requiring 30 to 50 staff, handling everything from logistics to course management to first aid. SubItUp organizes your schedules, staffing needs, and budgets to streamline this process.

Better scheduling, healthier coverage.
With a sound shift schedule in hand, SubItUp brings tools like availability collection for events into play. Now, staff can choose the shifts that work for them based only on what you need covered - this reduces absenteeism and the need for scheduling changes later.
Healthier coverage, fewer issues.
Speaking of absenteeism, that's one of the issues event schedulers encounter. There are more. Like double-booking staff, having unqualified staff on a certain shift, or low response rates from emails or Doodle polls. SubItUp gives you conflict-free tools, tracks certifications and collects staff availability for you to eliminate the speedbumps.
Fewer issues, happier teams.
In the end, our event managers see dramatic improvements in availability response rates, can create new events in seconds without the risk of conflict, better stay on budget, and have less paperwork to do after the fact. That's event scheduling with a smile.

There's A Lot Connected to Event Scheduling

Collect staff availability specifically for events.
Availability collection gives you many options to find the staff that can cover the shifts you've created. Surveys allow managers to choose the event they want staff availability for, and employees to show if they can work the entire event, entire day, or certain times of the day.
Import your events from EMS software.
Adding and scheduling multiple events just became a whole lot easier. If you use EMS Event Scheduling software to build your events, SubItUp will easily help you staff them. Just use our import tool or integrate your software and let us take care of the rest.
Use the power of Social Scheduling™ for your events.
Once your event shifts are created, the power of Social Scheduling™ takes over. Once you're ready, we will alert your team that shifts are available to be picked up. You can also auto-assign your shifts and let your team autonomously swap until everyone is happy.
  • Automated, 100% conflict-free
  • Survey-based availability
  • Staff qualifiers
  • Event templates
  • Task assignments
  • Individual or group messaging
  • EMS software integrations
  • Payroll reporting and exports
  • Labor cost and shift coverage tracking

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.