The cost of redo's

Fixing scheduling conflicts takes more time than building a schedule.

It takes a lot of time and energy to monitor employee max hours, time off requests, and when other managers have shared employees scheduled. SubItUp does it for you, so you have a 100% conflict-free schedule all the time.

Conflict Free Tools

Conflict carries a big cost.

On average, managers' report they spend 2 hours each week dealing with conflicts in the schedule. Wouldn't it be nice to get almost 100 hours of your time back? It's easier than you think with the right tools.

The many types of conflict you deal with in a day?
Last minute drops or callouts, forgetting someone had requested time off, and double bookings are obvious ones. Exceeding an employee's max hours, missed timecard punches, going over your labor budget - these are hidden in plain sight. And they all require your time after the fact.
What causes them?
Multiple scheduling platforms being used across your organization, spreadsheets or other manual scheduling processes, workforce data not being available to managers, even other scheduling software that's not built to handle conflict.
How SubItUp guarantees 'conflict-free'.
We give managers and employees insight, visibility, and guardrails to make the best decision for the organization every time with tools like Social Scheduling™, availability collection, certification management, and max hours settings. Then, we create schedules and process changes that ensure conflict doesn't exist.

Conflict-Free Tools Extend Across SubItUp

Automated scheduling accounts for shared employees.
In SubItUp we treat employee accounts as global - meaning they will only ever need one unique login even if they work under multiple managers. When we generate your schedule, we review and verify all shifts they have under any manager, then schedule them only when they're available.
Employees must find coverage before submitting a time off request.
Employees don't always remember to find coverage when they request time off. SubItUp stops this problem in its tracks by requiring they check who is available during that time, lets them swap shifts directly with a peer, and then - once all parties have agreed - the pending request is sent to the manager.
Shift cost analysis shows you the change in labor cost when swapping employees.
When the schedule gets fluid and you're manually managing it all, tracking labor costs gets difficult. Only after you've scheduled employees to work will you know that you exceeded your budget. SubItUp helps you by showing you the financial impact of different employees on different shfits in real-time.
Tracking certifications ensures only qualified employees hit the schedule.
First aid and CPR certifications are critically important to maintain. Even today, some businesses require vaccination status as part of employment. SubItUp manages certifications and then sets certifications as qualifiers. Once it expires, you will no longer be scheduled for work until you are renewed.
  • No double-booked employees
  • Never schedule over time off requests
  • Staff can only add shifts when available
  • Daily and weekly max hour ceilings
  • Skills and certification qualifiers
  • Shift cost analysis
  • Automatic reconciliation of time.

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.