Employee Scheduling

Ready to get your time back?

Spreadsheets, even other software, mean well. They really do. Inevitably, they require more of you. Creating, distributing, and maintaining your schedule at all times, well, takes time. Time we give you back.

Did you know

How much time manually scheduling costs you?

Most managers tell us that they spend 8-10 hours creating work schedules each week. That's almost 25% of your time. In the average year, that's over 60 days spent creating schedules.

How much time can I save with SubItUp?
SubItUp saves the average user 80-85% of their time creating schedules. Folks that were spending those 8-10 hours now spend 2 hours and less.
How does SubItUp make that possible?
First, we work hard to understand how you schedule your team. We find ways to improve that and then wrap SubItUp's workforce tools around you - think scheduling templates to do things faster, availability collection to eliminate back-and-forth, and Social Scheduling™ to let employees resolve coverage problems.
What about time spent after I create my schedule?
Great point. SubItUp creates payroll reports, auto-reconciles employee time punches, and integrates with over 250 back-office payroll solutions to get your data where you need it to be with speed and accuracy.

There's A Lot Connected to Automated Scheduling

Availability collection makes your schedule more accurate and limits downstream changes.
Availability collection finds what your employees can work based on the shifts you need covered. Then when you generate your schedule, you have less maintenance needs down the road.
Employee prioritization puts your rock stars on the schedule first.
You have your A team. You know they should be working certain shifts. By prioritizing them, SubItUp will take this into account and place them on the right shifts first.
Draft scheduling lets employees pick the shifts they want without managers assigning them.
If you want to simply create your shifts first and then let employees pick up what they can work, you can do that. Create your shift template, generate the schedule, and publish it. They'll receive a notification that they have shifts available to be picked up. Simple as that.
Group your staff in pods and then schedule them in shift rotations.
Do you have pods of employees that work together in teams? Do they rotate between crews? Are you trying to keep teams organized to limit health exposure? SubItUp lets you create pods of employees that rotate as you need them too - like firefighters who work for a set number of days, then have a few days off and the next crew takes over.
Schedule across time zones with Global Workforce.
SubItUp also automates the complicated stuff, like scheduling employees that work across separate time zones (we're looking at you, franchisees) or across the world. Say you run an online tutoring company, with teachers in Texas and in Sydney, Australia. SubItUp schedules them all, in one click, in their local time.
  • Auto-schedule generation (up to one year)
  • Hourly or shift-based generation
  • Build shift templates
  • Fair hours distribution
  • Employee prioritization
  • Task scheduling
  • Travel buffers
  • Global workforce
  • Employee or shift wages
  • Universal availability

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.