Transform and unite your city departments

The one solution that works for police, fire,
parks, venues, aquatics, and more.

Get over 80% of your time back.

Whether you are police or fire, parks and recreation, or public works, SubItUp is designed to wrap around how you schedule and automate that process - saving you hundreds of hours annually per manager.

Easily differentiate all your locations and staff.

SubItUp helps you manage teams across multiple locations with clarity. We use positions and locations to ensure you have the right people, in the right place, and that they're never double-booked.

Scheduling, payroll, and conflict-free tools for events.

Easily build complex event schedules in minutes. Like staffing a baseball game or concert with ushers, box office staff, police, and security. Add locations, shifts, and let SubItUp handle the rest.

Let staff solve problems for managers.

There can be a lot of back-and-forth to find coverage when you have a call out. We remove that from the picture. Now, your entire team can add, drop, or swap shifts amongst themselves to save your manager's time.

The time clock that's more than just a clock.

Not only can you turn any employee device into their time clock, but SubItUp takes care of the tough work - like timecard reconciliation, payroll reporting, and automatically clocking staff out.

Trusted by local
government teams everywhere.


Sure, SubItUp will solve your problems today.
But we evolve with you to deliver efficiency
across the entire portfolio.

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"Anytime you have more than 10 employees at multiple sites, it makes sense to have a tool like SubItUp. It enhances communication. It eliminates errors. And it increases efficiency immensely."

Ryan, Race Day Events

Running towns and cities requires a unique set of tools, we get it.

From basic scheduling to union rules and everything in the middle, let's talk about your needs.
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