Because Retail is Hard Enough.

SubItUp transforms multiple locations, full-time and seasonal staff, and multiple managers into one efficient, unified team.

Manage one store
or groups of stores

Do you have multiple cafes or studios, with different positions and managers for each, in different cities and states? SubItUp manages all that for you from scheduling, to time and attendance, to payroll.

We'll give you 80%
of your time back.

You tell us the shifts you need; we'll do the rest. From collecting staff availability, to monitoring employee max hours, then generating a 100% conflict-free schedule.

Say goodbye to double-booked employees.

Speaking of conflict-free. SubItUp ensures no single employee ever has overlapping shifts even if they work under two separate managers. That's a breath of fresh air.

Time savings across
time zones.

If you run studios in different time zones, you can still manage your entire schedule and workforce from SubItUp. We accommodate for the time difference, reflect the local time, and let your team pick up shifts just like normal.

Use demand data
for peak seasons.

With SubItUp you can visualize your demand vs. your coverage for peak seasons and build the schedule from there - like staffing a gym just after New Year resolutions are made. We've all been there, right?

Trusted by businesses, big and small, across the world.


Make even the biggest retail
operation stress free and well-managed.

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"SubItUp has truly streamlined our scheduling process, managers focus less on scheduling and more on their primary responsibilities."

Al, University of South Florida

Each business operates in a unique way, we get it.

Our solutions are designed for a ton of different businesses.
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