Designed for aquatic and gymnastics schools

Simplified scheduling, fewer surprises, and
less paperwork - so your scheduling
managers stick the landing.

Reduce scheduling
time by 80%.

Auto-generating your schedule makes those time savings possible. We'll take into account staff that serve multiple roles, under multiple managers, in different locations, with unique pay rates and spin up a fully-staffed schedule you can review, tweak and publish.

Class Management
for Instructors.

We get're scheduling is a bit unique. Not only do you have instructors who need to be scheduled, but you also need to schedule your instructors for multiple classes, typically in the same day. Worry no more, we've got you covered.

Manage and schedule
multiple locations.

Have two schools? Different rooms for different classes? Is there travel required between them? SubItUp takes this all into account and builds a 100% conflict-free schedule so your team knows where to be, when to be there, and what they're doing.

Schedule for group
and private lessons.

The times have changed. Now, private lessons are booming. Our scheduling methods allow your managers to schedule group lessons and pool or floor time. You can also let employees schedule their own shifts while they coordinate the best times with their clients.

Track team skills
and certifications.

SubItUp helps you track and manage critical certifications for people on the floor or in the water - like first aid or CPR certifications - and ensures that you know when they need to be renewed and that only certified staff are scheduled to work.

Prevent last-minute issues.

Our Social Scheduling™ framework puts employees in charge of the solution. Now, they have full transparency of their schedule, can swap shifts autonomously with other qualified peers, and can seek manager approval once they've found shift coverage.

Trusted by recreation centers and private
aquatic and gymnastics schools across the country.


SubItUp is trusted by some of the most well-known swim schools and gymnastics centers in the US. Discover how we've helped some of them streamline employee scheduling.

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"I like so many things, the labor cost reports, the ability for staff to update their own availability, labeling each class as a separate time block, the integration with QuickBooks, and so much more."

Megan, American Kids Sports Center

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