Process Multi-Location & Multi-Position Employee Payrolls Effortlessly

Since 1987, Seal Swim School has been an integral part of the Tampa Bay community, offering swim lessons to children and adults of all ages. But over the course of 30 years, it's grown to incorporate four separate locations: Lutz, South Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Riverview.

Working to make aquatic experiences enjoyable for both parents and their children, Seal Swim School strives to teach kids to be safe around water, swim competently, and learn to love it along the way. And, to date, they've helped hundreds of children do just that.


Multiple locations, several different job titles, and unique pay rates per person per position.


Multiple locations and positions.

To support dozens of children year after year, Seal Swim School employs over 60 staff members as swim instructors and customer service representatives. However, employees don't just work at one location or in one position. They help out wherever and however they can.

This posed a problem for Seal Swim School, though, as moving employees from place to place and job to job made payroll incredibly difficult.

"Since many of our employees work at more than one location and hold more than one position, they don't just have one pay rate," explains Kelli Martin, a Human Resources Representative at Seal Swim School. "They have to time in for the right position and location, so it can get coded to the right cost center. And that gets really complicated when you're manually managing and entering everything."

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  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Scheduling Managers
  • Several Pay Rates
  • Time Clock
  • Quickbooks Payroll Integration

Simplifying payroll.

To manage this complex scheduling system, Seal Swim School went looking for a time clock solution that would streamline their payroll process.

"Our primary objective was to find a solution that would allow our employees to time in and out easily and give us the ability to download payroll reports that we could give to our accountant," says Kelli. "We ended up choosing SubItUp because it offers multiple platforms that make our processes easier. On top of the time clock system, we realized it could help us with our scheduling too. And the downloadable payroll reports were compatible with QuickBooks, which is what our accountants use."

At the same time, SubItUp offered a large library of content and a support team to help Seal Swim School get up and running quickly.

"We actually adopted SubItUp before I was hired," explains Kelli. "But I helped implement it.

Luckily, it was really easy to use. I did have to reach out to get help with a few things, but the SubItUp team was always very helpful. They got back to me immediately and were very patient with me throughout the process."

"After I got the hang of SubItUp, I helped train the managers. And they watched SubItUp's video tutorials as well. The employees didn't need as much training because they weren't using as many functions. But after we taught the managers, the managers taught the rest of our team."

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"So, at a glance, I can see everybody's payroll report at the same time. And once I download the payroll report, I can send it to my accountant who uses QuickBooks to cut our payroll checks. It's really easy."
Kelli, Seal Swim School

An easy way to schedule, track their time, and pay employees with multiple roles.

Time Clock

Needing a quick and easy way to track employee time across multiple locations, while accounting for different swim instructor and customer service positions, Kelli's team immediately started using SubItUp's online time clock feature.

"Because it's an internet-based program, we aren't tied to a specific device. Any computer can be used as a time clock," says Kelli. "We usually just have three computers at the front desk set up as time clocks. So all our employees have to do is pull up the bookmarked page, enter their email and password to sign in, and clock in for the position they're scheduled for. It's that easy."

"Every once in a while we have to make corrections," Kelli explains. "But that only ever happens when someone is scheduled to work a certain position and we need them to fill a different role, on the spot."

"Say for example an employee is scheduled to work as a swim instructor for a particular shift," says Kelli, "but something happens and we end up needing to move them to a customer service role, instead. They won't be able to time in correctly, because the position has already been set in the system. But, the manager can go in after the fact, delete that time entry, and reenter it correctly under the right position title. It's not a huge challenge, but that does happen sometimes."

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Payroll Processing

Beyond simply giving employees an easier way to clock in and out, Kelli needed a better way to manage the payroll process. So she tapped into SubItUp's payroll processing feature to generate payroll reports and review timesheet data.

"The payroll feature is really nice because it shows me every employee in one report. I can see how many hours they worked during that pay period, which positions they worked, and where they worked. It also lets me see if there was a lot of overtime during a certain pay period," says Kelli. "So, at a glance, I can see everybody's payroll report at the same time. And once I download the payroll report, I can send it to my accountant who uses QuickBooks to cut our payroll checks. It's really easy."


While Kelli and her team found exactly what they were looking for with SubItUp's time clock and payment processing features, they've also discovered other ways they can use SubItUp to streamline their processes. For example, Seal Swim School's managers have started using SubItUp's scheduling features to easily schedule employees for shifts.

"It's easy for the managers to set up the schedule," explains Kelli. "And if they're looking for someone to pick up a shift, they can quickly look at schedules for other locations and see who's already working."

"It was kind of hard to keep up with them! They were working with us almost faster than we could put things in place on our end."

A New Paradigm to
Scheduling Employees.

Better Employee Response Rate

While SubItUp checks all the major boxes for Seal Swim School in terms of scheduling, time tracking, and payroll processing, its ease of use has been the real gamechanger for Kelli's team.

"For me, the most significant aspect of SubItUp is its ease of use," explains Kelli. "It's easy to set it up. It's easy to train employees to use. And whenever I've needed support, the SubItUp team has been available to help. It's great."

"If you have a lot of hourly positions, especially if you need to schedule people into multiple positions, SubItUp makes everything so much easier," says Kelli.

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