The best workforce management tool on the market.

SubItUp is an industry-leading, cloud-based workforce management tool made to order for your business. From resolving inefficiencies to intelligent functionality to analytics, we are an end-to-end solution that can meet the needs of any and all businesses.


100% conflict-free scheduling.

Say goodbye to double-booking. We take the headache out of scheduling by automatically anticipating and resolving staff scheduling complexities so you can sit back and relax.


A solution built to meet your needs.

We have spent over twelve (12) years developing SubItUp while learning how people schedule. With over 300 methods of scheduling, you can afford to get all the custom features you need, without the custom solution price tag. Just ask us how nimble we can be :-).


We invented our Social Scheduling™ workforce management tool.

In 2007 SubItUp invented its Social Scheduling™ tool, providing the ability to add, drop and swap shifts without decreasing managerial control and without the need of an outdated trade board. This has revolutionized the way businesses manage their staff, allowing employees to feel the freedom of a flexible schedule and management to rest easy knowing their shifts are always covered, with the right people.

Our machine learning is super approachable.

Because we have some unique customers with some pretty unique issues to solve, we play a lot with machine learning, neural nets, NLP, blockchain and other Artificial Intelligence.
If you have data that impacts your workforce and you're looking to put it to work, give us a call!


We believe in evolving with our clients.

We work in concert with our clients and constantly challenge the status quo. During our partnerships, we promise to always evolve our technology with processes that improve their lives and the community they serve.

do it all

Let us do the thinking for you.

It's time to get your time back. It's time to automate the management of your workforce. And, it's time to focus on all of the other tasks you need to do every day.
SubItUp's proprietary platform was developed from the ground up to maximize the time you spend dealing with business-related tasks and minimizing workforce management issues.

Scheduling intelligence that works to anticipate and resolve scheduling hassles, before they happen, so you don't have to.
We know everyone schedules a little differently. Easily turn settings on and off to dial in your specific schedule.
Simplify the number of software vendors you use. Our full-featured workforce management solution is designed to be all in one place.
its bob

But wait, there's more.

Let's evaluate your challenges together. That's right...there are real people here to help you, after all, two heads are better than one. Once we get a better understanding of your needs, we'll be able to decide if we are the right partner for you.

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Capabilities, Benefits and Features

Full Evaluation
With a staff of seasoned operators, we take the time to understand your business to make sure that you get the most out of your investment in our technology.
One-On-One Training
Have a lot of managers who need to learn a new product? Cool. Normally, this would add a ton of work to your plate, but not with SubItUp. We'll handle all your trainings for you.
On-site Training
Designed for the large enterprise that would prefer face-to-face training sessions. Our team can design workshops and educational sessions for your specific needs.
Self-paced Online Training
For those customers who like to learn at their own pace, we've got you covered. Our online curriculum is easy to use and fully supported by our awesome team.
All of your questions answered in one place through video, text animated graphics and more.
Check it out: Click here.
Full Virtual Support
Customer service is the cornerstone of our success. Our support team is available via phone and email from 9am - 5:30pm EST. After hours support is also available via email.
Security: NIST CSF
Security is important and we take it seriously. Our team can work with your security team or third-party auditors to ensure everyone is comfortable.
Accessibility Compliant
ADA 508, WCAG 2.1 AA, and EN 301-549 compliant. You'll be able to provide your accessibility team with our VPAT upon request right from your portal.
Employee Management
Effortlessly manage staff across multiple locations and positions while maintaining full control and a conflict-free schedule. You define what is best for your organization and let the system do the rest.
Contact Tracing
Quickly and easily understand who on your team had the potential to have contact with who. Export the data in CSV format, including contact information to quickly mitigate a potential outbreak.
Automated Communication
SubItUp simplifies communicating with your team. Along with several automated notifications, SubItUp allows you to send both text and email messages from our message center.
Multiple Locations
Schedule staff across multiple locations to help with sharing staff, reducing workforce size and creating redundancy.
Multiple Time Zones
Track, schedule and manage your team(s) even across timezones with ease.
Staff Engagement
Keep your employees actively engaged and measure the results through our easy-to-use engagement tools.
Certification Management
Reduce your liability by ensuring only qualified staff are scheduled, even if they trade shifts.
Availability Collection
Automate the collection and management of staff availability to ensure your staff never gets scheduled for times they cannot work.
Automated Scheduling
SubItUp has over 300 ways to automatically generate your schedule, conflict-free, with advanced Machine Learning, in minutes. You'll never schedule by hand ever again.
Roster Generation
Assigning staff based on roles, positions, titles, capabilities is one of our specialties.
Rotation Scheduling
Easily create rotations with flexible rules designed to meet the unique needs of police, fire, EMS, municipalities, unions, and government.
Copy & Paste
Quickly generate or manually enter a schedule to copy and paste from one week to several years with a couple of clicks.
Event Scheduling / Management
Manage all of your events in one place with the simplicity SubItUp offers in all of our tools.
Social Scheduling™
SubItUp's Social Scheduling™ tool allows your staff to 'add, drop and swap' shifts. We invented it in 2007. No more trade boards, errors, oversight, or frustration. SubItUp automates your shift trades.
Multiple Pay Rates
Paying employees different rates for different job titles, locations or shifts is a breeze in SubItUp.
Budgeting & Reporting
Forecast and evaluate labor costs and stay on budget in real-time. SubItUp allows you to predict and adjust labor cost expenses before they occur.
Work-Study Management
Debiting and crediting student worker's accounts can be complicated. With SubItUp all of this can be managed in one place.
Request Time Off
Allow your staff to request time off while at the same time ensure coverage for your existing shifts are met - all in an automated fashion.
Time & Attendance
Need an integrated time clock that references the generated schedules...? No problem - we've got you covered.
Learn more.
Payroll Reconciliation
Say goodbye to manually evaluating what an employee entered for their payable time against what they were scheduled.
Have a cool platform you want us to integrate with? Just let us know. With over 150+ integrations to date, we see no signs of slowing down.
Need updates in real-time for your backoffice solution? No problem. Let's talk about your specific needs.
SubItUp's dedicated APIs are a powerful way to automate the dataflow between you and us. Have an idea? Let's talk about it.

We integrate with everything.

(You're welcome.)

From well-known human resource and payroll management tools to homegrown proprietary operations management tools, we integrate with it. That's because SubItUp is capable of doing anything your business needs to succeed.

Let our system tackle the complexity of workforce management while also complementing the suite of tools you already have in place.

Experience Matters

Customer Satisfaction
(6.75 out of 7)
45 Million+
Shifts Under Management
20 Million+
Shift Trades
Customers Worldwide
Automated Scheduling Methods
Custom Back Office Integrations
System Updates Last Year Alone
12+ Years
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