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How to Simaplify Employee Time Tracking During COVID-19

How to Simplify Employee Time Tracking During COVID-19

With the advent of Covid-19, our way of working has drastically changed. For some, it's involved new work from home (WFH) guidelines. For others, it's led to an increase in health and wellness considerations -- like additional handwashing, mask-wearing, and social distancing. In many cases, it's even encouraged businesses to turn to contactless attendance systems, such as mobile devices and apps.

However, many contactless time clocks used for employee time tracking aren't flawless attendance solutions. In fact, they can create a lot of extra work for managers, who are tasked with configuring new devices to work with the mobile app and reconfiguring existing devices when they're accidentally disconnected from the system.

Luckily, there is a way to make contactless time clocks ideal time tracking solutions for employees and managers alike. And it comes built into SubItUp's employee time tracking software.

What is a Contactless Time Clock?

First of all, let's nail down exactly what a contactless time clock is. Used as an alternative to traditional punch cards, biometric time clocks, paper timesheets, and wall-mounted kiosks, contactless time clocks allow employees to clock in and out from their personal devices. This might be a desktop computer, an iPad or tablet, or a mobile phone. Wherever they have an internet connection and can pull up the SubItUp app or web browser, your employees can effortlessly start or end their shift.

But the main difference between SubItUp and other employee time tracking tools is its ability to let employees set up unlimited devices as mobile time clocks. All you need to do is add "mobile devices" as one of your device names, determine which positions and people can clock in remotely, and select unlimited devices.

Once you've established these parameters, your employees will be able to configure any and all of their devices as a time clock without any extra help from your managers. And if they accidentally delete the app or their web cookies, they can reconfigure their devices as a time clock on their own. This means you and your managers can focus on your actual work rather than endlessly dealing with configuration requests.

4 Benefits of Contactless Employee Time Clocks

While it may seem a small thing to let your team members track their own hours, using a contactless time clock like SubItUp comes with a lot of benefits. Let's dig into a few of them here.

Streamline Device Configuration

Ordinarily, you'd spend a significant amount of time helping new hourly employees configure their devices (mobile and otherwise) to be used as time clocks. And in many cases, you'd end up reconfiguring devices for employees who absent-mindedly deleted the time tracking mobile app over the weekend to download the newest streaming service or game.

But with a contactless time tracking tool like SubItUp, you no longer have to. You can simply set the parameters for unlimited device configuration and let employees configure their devices themselves. That means you can focus on the work you need to get done and let your employees worry about theirs.

Secure Health & Wellness

It's always good to look after the health and wellness of our employees, but during a global pandemic, it's even more important. As a result, we can't afford to continue using the same processes and tools for clocking in and clocking out. We need better and safer options.

Contactless time tracking software like SubItUp allows employees to avoid high contact spaces, by clocking in and out from their own devices in real-time. This simple way of tracking billable hours not only increases the likelihood that your employees are safe and healthy, but it also decreases your risk of liability.

Simplify Time Tracking for Remote Employees

Even before Covid-19, many businesses were making the shift to remote work. But during the first wave, many more were forced to make a rushed transition. This left managers scrambling to figure out new ways to work efficiently -- including the best way to manage hourly employees and time clocks.

Designed to work anywhere you have an internet connection, contactless time tracking software enables your hourly employees to seamlessly move from a single office space (with punch cards, employee timesheets, and biometric time clocks) to their home offices, where they can use their mobile phone and the SubItUp app to keep track of their work hours. This simplicity means employees can continue working without a hitch and your managers can focus on streamlining other processes for the new remote environment.

Increases Employee & Manager Productivity

When your managers are responsible for configuring new employee devices and reconfiguring existing devices (sometimes at the drop of a hat!), they can lose valuable work time. And after a while, this can start to affect the entire team. It might come in the way of decreased morale or (in a more extreme case) ineffective project management, elongated project timelines, and late project delivery.

Regardless of the type and the level of impact, regularly pulling your managers away from their important work to configure employee time trackers can have a negative effect on your organization.

On the flip side, incorporating a simple time tracking solution with unlimited device configuration into your business can save your managers both time and sanity. It can also empower your employees to be part of the solution, by enabling them to configure their mobile devices as time clocks and make time entries in the time clock app on their own.

Optimize Employee Time Tracking

No matter how your business has adapted during Covid-19, there's always room for improvement and greater efficiency. That's where having contactless time tracking attendance software like SubItUp comes in. With it, you can hand-off device configuration to individual employees with just a few clicks, and you never have to worry about it again.

Want to know more about how SubItUp's contactless employee time tracking features can help your business? Reach out to our team today!


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