Budgeting & Reporting

Worker Payroll Processing Report

Stay on Budget

Forecast and evaluate labor costs.

Predict labor costs to ensure you’re staying on budget.

Schedule employees based on your budget requirements.

Evaluate how payroll costs have changed over time.


Eliminate Reporting Discrepancies

Avoid payroll reporting discrepancies and eliminate the aggravation associated with tracking and validating changes. SubItUp automates this process, saving you time and money.

Payroll Report Analysis

Analyze payroll data based on parameters most important to you, evaluate costs by department, employee, shift type, or using date ranges.

Export Time Clock Data to Payroll
Thank you so much for all your help and patience as we worked through the stipulations our payroll department had for our timesheets.
Betsy, The College at Brockport
Employee Payroll Reporting & Budgeting

Evaluate Cost Scenarios

Achieve budgetary goals by making better informed staff allocation decisions. Evaluate a variety of shift coverage scenarios and their impact of labor costs.

Labor Cost Reports

SubItUp offers a variety of reporting features to help you manage your labor costs more efficiently. Stay focused on analysis with the help of charts, graphs and customized reporting features.

Historical Payroll Data

Compare historical payroll data to current data to evaluate how labor costs have changed over time.

Transfer Payroll Data

Transfer your reconciled payroll data to your payroll processing system. From easy downloads to direct integrations – select the solution best for your organization.

Budgeting & Reporting Data Transfers
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