TeleSchedule Call and Text Staff Scheduling Solutions

Call and Text Scheduling

Access your work schedule via phone call or text message.

Simplified option for employees with little to no technological knowledge.

Easily accessible from anywhere, no internet access required.

Manage and review scheduled hours using a landline or any mobile phone.


Simplified Scheduling Option

TeleSchedule™ is designed to streamline your staff scheduling process while providing an easy-to-use option for staff with little to no knowledge of technology. TeleSchedule™ is compatible with landlines, basic mobile phones, smartphones and more.

No Internet Access Required

TeleSchedule™ allows staff to access their scheduled hours, pick up available shifts, contact a manager and request time off, with no internet access required.

TeleSchedule Phone Dial-in Employee Scheduling
SubItUp has completely changed the efficiency of our staffing operations.
Ryan, University of South Carolina
TeleSchedule Mobile Call-in Employee Scheduling

Call-in Schedule Access

An employee can manage their schedule by calling your organization’s dedicated TeleSchedule™ phone number, entering their secret pin and following the recorded prompts.

Customizable Options

TeleSchedule™ can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Use a local telephone number, select the gender of the voice recordings, and choose from a variety of available language dialects.

Text Message Schedule Access

Staff can also access their schedule from any text message enabled mobile device. To manage their schedule, an employee can simply send a text message to your organization’s dedicated TeleSchedule™ phone number, and follow the automated text message prompts.

Real-time Schedule Updates

TeleSchedule™ works in conjunction with your online SubItUp staff schedule. All changes made on SubItUp’s website, mobile app or via TeleSchedule™ are automatically updated and accessible from anywhere in real-time.

TeleSchedule Text Message Mobile Staff Scheduling
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