Shift Trading

Finding Staff Shift Coverage

Employee Shift Swapping & Trading

Ensure every shift is covered.

Eliminate the need for countless back and forth emails about shift coverage.

SubItUp tracks all changes and automatically updates your schedule.

SubItUp provides only eligible shift trade options based on coworkers’ qualifications

Employee Managed Trades

Empower employees to take responsibility for finding and managing shift trades. SubItUp allows your team to collaborate with one another to ensure full shift coverage across your entire staff schedule.

Qualified Shift Trades

SubItUp eliminates manager involvement in staff shift trades by providing employees with ONLY eligible shift trade options based on coworkers’ qualifications.

Staff Shift Trades with SubItUp Mobile App
I can’t believe how much time SubItUp is saving me! My staff use SubItUp to trade and swap shifts, they are finding it very comprehensive and useful.
Vanessa, University of California Santa Barbara
Employee Shift Trading & Swapping History for Accountability

Shift Trade History

Eliminate miscommunication related to shift trading and swapping. SubItUp tracks all shift modifications, allowing managers to quickly find and view details associated with each shift trade.

Manager Shift Trade Approval

Do your employee shift trades require manager pre-approval? SubItUp’s shift trade moderation feature alerts managers of shift swap proposals before they are finalized.

Open Shift Trade

The open shift swap feature allows for an employee to notify eligible coworkers they need to find coverage for a specific shift. Any coworker interested in covering this shift can respond by offering one of their shifts in return.

Direct Shift Trade

Using the direct swap feature, an employee can select a coworker’s specific shift and propose a shift trade.

Employee Open Shift Trade & Swap
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