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Engineered to create conflict free staff schedules.

SubItUp ensures staff are never double-booked or scheduled when unavailable.

A better way to create, modify, communicate and track staff schedules.

Create shifts and schedule staff based on factors most important to your organization.


Automated Staff Scheduling

SubItUp generates schedules and assigns shifts based on employee qualifications, availability and a variety of other customizable parameters.

Unpublished Staff Schedules

Take your time creating and editing your staff schedule using unpublished mode. When you’re ready, click publish and SubItUp will automatically notify staff of updates to the schedule.

Unpublish or Publish Scheduled Staff Shifts
Create Staff Schedules by Priority without Scheduling Conflicts

Fair Shift Scheduling

Eliminate bias and boost employee morale with impartial staff scheduling. SubItUp schedules hours evenly among available staff, ensuring each employee is provided with equal opportunity.

Staff Priority Scheduling

Create shifts and schedule staff based on factors most important to you. SubItUp’s priority scheduling feature allows you to schedule staff by seniority, on a first come basis, or any way you choose.

Staff Self-Scheduling

Allow employees to create custom shifts on their own schedule. This tool is helpful for managers that allow their staff to schedule their hours based on client demand.

Add a Shift

Allow employees to pick up open or dropped shifts. This feature is great for managers that allow their staff to select their own hours, or work extra hours.

Employee Add Available Shift
SubItUp has truly streamlined our scheduling process, managers focus less on scheduling and more on their primary responsibilities.
Al, University of South Florida
Staff Drop a Scheduled Shift

Drop a Shift

If an employee is unable to work their scheduled shift, they can offer it to qualified coworkers by dropping the shift. The scheduled employee will be held responsible for the shift until coverage is found. If coverage is found, the schedule will automatically be updated.

Scheduled Shift Reassignment

SubItUp effortlessly reassigns an employee’s future shifts based on your requirements. Reassign shifts to a specific employee or distribute shifts based on staff availability.

Schedule Staff Break Times

Create custom staff break times based on shift length. Add and adjust breaks right from your staff schedule, or create templates to automatically generate breaks.

Employee Break Summary

At a glance, you will have access to: how many people are on break, who is on break, how long a break lasts, when a break starts and ends, if a break is paid or unpaid and much more.

Automated Employee Break Scheduling
SubItUp’s innovative approach definitely takes things to a whole new level.
Perry, Liberty University
Employee Scheduling Shift History

Historical Shift Data

SubItUp automatically tracks and records modifications made to every shift. Find and review shift details, such as who created and assigned the shift, which employees swapped or added the shift and more.

Manager Schedule Views

View your staff schedule by date, time, position, employee or any way you choose. All schedule views can be printed and/or accessed via your mobile device.

View Only Schedule Access

Allow staff to view who is working when by providing view only access. This view provides employees with important details, such as which of their coworkers are scheduled before and after them, who they are working with, and more.

Public Calendar

Allow someone without a SubItUp account to view your staff schedule. Manage viewable data restrictions and authorize access to your staff schedule using SubItUp’s public calendar feature.

Employee Scheduling Public Calendar
Automated Employee Scheduling Shift Colors

Global Template & Position Colors

Create a visually friendly shift schedule using global colors. This feature allows managers to standardize colors associated with shift templates and positions, and apply color coding across the organization’s entire schedule. Learn more.

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