Payroll Processing

Worker Payroll Processing Report

Payroll Reporting & Processing

Automated labor cost budgeting and forecasting.

Transfer data from SubItUp to your payroll processing system.

Eliminate time spent verifying, reconciling, modifying and tracking payroll data.

Assess various staffing scenarios and their impact on labor costs.


Payroll Provider Integrations

We’ve partnered with several third-party payroll providers to streamline payroll processing. We offer integrations with Intuit QuickBooks, ADP, Ellucian Banner, Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Banyon Data, Wells Fargo, Paychex and many other payroll providers.

Intuit QuickBook Payroll and SubItUp Integration
ADP Payroll and SubItUp Integration
Ellucian Banner Payroll and SubItUp Integration
Oracle PeopleSoft Payroll and SubItUp Integration
Banyondata Payroll and SubItUp Integration
Wells Fargo Payroll and SubItUp Integration
Paychex Payroll and SubItUp Integration
Microsoft Dynamics (GP) Great Plains Payroll and SubItUp Integration
Employee Payroll Reporting & Budgeting

Transfer Payroll Data

SubItUp offers a variety of options for transferring reconciled payroll data to your payroll processing system. Download a SubItUp generated, payroll report CSV file for direct import into your payroll system.

Payroll Reporting

SubItUp provides an assortment of standard payroll reports to help you manage your labor costs more efficiently. Stay focused on analysis with the help of graphs and customized reporting features.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience as we worked through the stipulations our payroll department had for our timesheets.
Betsy, The College at Brockport

Timesheet Reconciliation

Eliminate the countless hours spent verifying, reconciling, modifying and tracking payroll data. SubItUp creates accurate timesheets for direct submission to payroll.

Time Clock Rounding

Generate payroll reports using validated time clock data. Use exact clock in/out time, or use quarter, half or full hour rounding rules. Round time clock data by paid period time accrual, or by clock in/out times.

Timesheets for Staff Payroll Processing
Labor Cost Reporting & Budgeting

Shift Cost Tool

The shift cost tool allows you to evaluate a variety of staffing scenarios and their impact on labor costs. Adjust employee shift assignments to achieve budgetary goals.

General Ledger (GL) Codes

Improve labor cost reporting accuracy with General Ledger (GL) Codes. By applying GL Codes to shifts, you can view, sort and identify labor costs expenses by shift type.

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