Human Resources

SubItUp Human Resources Employee Dashboard

Comprehensive Workforce Management

Certify staff are scheduled in accordance with company policy and federal regulations.

Automated collection and management of staff availability in one location.

Make employees more active, informed and satisfied participants with mobile scheduling tools.

Easily assess attendance and time clock data for staff reviews and evaluations.

Hiring Management

Monitor and manage important employee records, such as contact information, qualifications, availability, pay rates and more.

Access Levels

Access levels within SubItUp are based on a unique delegation hierarchy. This allows you to set restrictions on the tools and features available for use on a per user basis.

Employee Hiring Management for Staff Scheduling
SubItUp has completely changed the efficiency of our staffing operations.
Ryan, University of South Carolina
Staff Import for Employee Scheduling Software

Staff Import Tool

Streamline employee on-boarding using the staff import tool. Simply upload your staff list into SubItUp to instantly create individual employee accounts.

Maximum Scheduled Hours

Manage scheduled hours per position by defining the maximum hours per day and per week an employee is eligible to work. Use global maximums to limit the number of hours an employee can work organization-wide.

Helpfulness Score

Evaluate contribution to shift coverage using SubItUp’s helpfulness score feature. An employee’s helpfulness score is based on added shifts, dropped shifts and proposed shift trades. The higher the score, the more helpful the employee is.

Monitor Employee Performance

SubItUp offers several standard reports to aid managers in monitoring employee performance. Evaluate attendance, timeliness, shift trading activity and many other key performance indicators.

Human Resource Management for Staff Scheduling
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