eliminate conflicts

Conflict-Free Staff

Don't worry about double-booking, SubItUp ensures your schedule is conflict-free.
Easily create, modify and communicate staff schedules to teams of any size.
SubItUp reviews staff schedules to ensure they are never scheduled when unavailable.

How does it work?

  • Automated Shift Scheduling
    SubItUp seamlessly sorts through all potential scheduling options to calculate the assignment of employees' shifts and deliver a conflict-free staff schedule.
  • Conflict-Free Scheduling
    SubItUp eliminates double-booking by automatically anticipating and resolving staff scheduling complexities for workforces of any size.
  • Hard to Fill Shifts
    SubItUp sorts through a variety of parameters to reconcile scheduling complications, such as hard to fill shifts. SubItUp identifies and assigns shift coverage for hard to fill shifts first, to ensure full schedule coverage.
  • Simple Schedule Adjustments
    Effortlessly make adjustments to a generated or existing staff schedule. SubItUp automatically validates changes and prohibits the creation of scheduling conflicts
  • Qualified Staff Scheduling
    Generate your schedule and assign shifts to staff based on individual shift requirements. SubItUp's assigns shifts using employee availability, qualifications, and an assortment of other customizable factors.
  • Shift Distribution
    Assign shifts to staff using factors most important to your organization. SubItUp has the ability to schedule hours evenly, by seniority and/or priority, on a first-come basis, or any way you choose.

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