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SubItUp automatically collects staff availability to save managers time.
Collect availability from staff based on your organization's scheduling requirements.
Manage, track and view employee availability in one location.

How does it work?

  • Eliminate Double-booking
    SubItUp automatically generates schedules using employee availability, ensuring staff are never double-booked or scheduled when unavailable.
  • Request Staff Availability
    With the click of a button, managers can request availability from their entire workforce, for specific positions, or from certain individuals.
  • Pending Availability
    Upon requesting availability, managers can view the status of who has and who has not yet submitted their availability. Managers can quickly send a reminder to those that have not yet responded.
  • Staff Availability Adjustments
    Control adjustments to employee availability with open and closed availability settings. Open availability allows staff to modify their availability at any time, closed availability requires manager approval before modification can occur.
  • Multi-position Availability
    Do you have staff qualified to work multiple positions? Employees have the option of submitting the same availability for all their positions, or to customize availability for each position.
  • Availability for Shared Staff
    Do you share staff with another scheduling manager? If an employee has been scheduled elsewhere, their availability will automatically be updated to prevent a scheduling conflict.
  • Availability Collection Options
    SubItUp collects availability to fit your individual scheduling process. Collect availability using a freeform calendar or using predetermined shift blocks.
  • Hourly Availability Collection
    Hourly availability permits staff to use a freeform calendar template to provide information on the hours they are available to work. This process allows managers to schedule shift times based on employee availability.
  • Shift Availability Collection
    Do you schedule employees for fixed blocks of time, such as 10:00am - 4:00pm? Shift availability allows managers to collect availability from staff based on these predetermined shift blocks.
  • Submitting Shift Availability
    Employees view each predetermined shift block and select available, unavailable, or no preference. When selecting no preference, an employee is available to work, but would prefer not to.

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