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We like to focus on the big picture so you
can measure the important stuff.

Keep your managers
focused on strategic projects.

Cut the time it takes your managers to build and manage the work schedule by over 80%, giving them their time back to focus on the important stuff. What used to take 10+ hours a week will now take less than 2. Our only question is, 'what will your team get done next?'.

Give employees the
flexibility to thrive.

The modern-day employee craves flexibility. In fact, they will seek out other opportunities if they don't have it. SubItUp gives employees the ability to self-manage their schedule, while maintaining high levels of accountability to the shifts they've been assigned. A win-win for businesses and employees alike.

Connect your platforms
and avoid the extra work.

SubItUp extends beyond employees and managers. We have tools for your hiring and finance teams, IT professionals, and risk team. We can integrate with over 200 back-office tools to eliminate extra steps and countless hours of added work your extended teams have too.

GET Costs Under Control

Save on direct and indirect
costs across the organization.

SubItUp was first built to address operational issues in managing teams. Over time, our users have asked for tools that eliminate costs for them, like the countless number of hours managers' spend reconciling time and attendance. Here are a few other ways we can help you reduce costs.

Eliminate extra, unnecessary software licenses
Drastically reduce the time managers spend building schedules
Stop time theft and unnecessary overtime costs
Lower the cost of hiring by keeping staff engaged from the start
Automate reconciliation of time and attendance
Integrate your schedule and time clock with the back-office

Enable your managers to
make insight-backed decisions.

It's common for leadership be the only ones able to access information that would be beneficial for managers to have. In SubItUp, we let your managers share the insights that impact the bottom line - like if one employee will cost more than another available employee on a particular shift. Now, your managers can make sound decisions that align with your goals.

Understand which employees cost more per shift
Review staff punctuality and attendance records
Access time clock data from last year to build this year's schedule
Visualize where employees physically clock in from
Audit staff time entries for early clock ins or late clock outs
Track Federal Work Study awards and their burn down
And much more!
Unite your organization.

In SubItUp, there are no walls between managers. Your teams don't have several apps or accounts to navigate. Your data is in one spot and can travel where you need it to. Your managers will know when staff can work, not when they want to work. You will be able to share time and attendance data with payroll in one click. Your managers will collaborate to prevent conflict; your employees will collaborate to maximize shift coverage; your organization will reap the rewards.

I'm a Manager

Get more done, in less time, with more
accuracy... and take your time back.


Reduce the time it takes to
build schedules by 80%.

Managers spend hours and hours each week trying to build a schedule that inevitably must be redone when employees can't make the shifts they've been assigned. Not in SubItUp. We consider employee availability, shifts employees have dropped in the past, if they trade out of certain shifts, or if they are punctual and show they want to work a desired shift, then automate an intelligently created schedule to save you time building and managing it. This all saves managers 80% or more of the time they spend scheduling.


No more schedule conflicts or
double-booked employees.

Employees that work for multiple managers, have requested time off, are already assigned to another shift, even those that have a certification required to work all present unique conflicts to managers. SubItUp tracks these, under one account, so you spend less time reacting to issues anytime you're creating or editing the schedule. Employees are also reminded of potential conflicts their requests may create. If they want to drop a shift, they must find coverage. If they want to take time off, but are already working, we'll tell them. All so your team spends less time reacting to coverage issues.

Conflict-free tools

It's time to eliminate the extra work.

SubItUp has several, configurable reports built to give you the information you need in a clean report. Managers with access to payroll reporting can configure these reports to calculate unpaid breaks, include employee IDs and GL codes, or to calculate payroll from your scheduled shifts rather than a time clock. It's all visible for your entire team or individual employees.

Scheduling connected
to your time clock.

Too much time is spent reviewing time entries, looking at another screen to verify the time entry matches the shift time, or - worse - manually entering timecards to an HR platform. SubItUp's schedule and time clock are connected. That means employee time entries are automatically reconciled based on how early or late you let employees' clock in or out. We'll even automatically clock employees out if they forget to. Simply log in each day, review yesterday's punches, and correct any anomalies.

Time clock connected
to your payroll reporting.

Once you verify yesterday's time punches, they are automatically synced to your payroll report within SubItUp. Now you have a real-time view of what your labor costs are for certain periods, what your individual employees worked and should be paid, the overtime they made, and more. Since data is kept daily and reconciled in real-time, there is less to do when payroll is due. Your HR team can even log in directly to SubItUp and pull the report they need when it's time.

Payroll reporting integrated
with your back-office.

SubItUp has off-the-shelf reports that are configured for the most popular back-office platforms used by HR and finance teams. Now, your data is formatted for platforms like Oracle PeopleSoft, Banner, ADP, QuickBooks, Microsoft Great Plains, and more. By creating a manager account for your HR or finance team, they can log in and retrieve the report they need when it's time to process payroll.


Automate the reminders
that take up your time.

Sometimes it's the little details that occupy a lot of your time. Letting an employee know their time off is approved, or that you've approved their shift request, or that they no longer have to work, or that they have a shift coming up. SubItUp automates these communications to save managers' time. And these messages can be sent via push notification for instant receipt amongst your employees.

automate reminders
messaging tools

Better employee messaging
tools under one roof.

Managers have the power to send messages to their entire employee team, segment by certain position groups or event staff, or an individual employee. Simply head on over to our message center and craft your note, then choose if you'd like to send it via the app, to employee email addresses, or as a text. Employees can also send peer-to-peer messages between each other, consolidating everything to one app.

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I'm an Employee

Taking the 'work' out of... well, work.

Managing your work schedule shouldn't be hard. SubItUp makes it easy. From seeing your
schedule, to making changes to it, we help you spend more time doing what you love.


Tell managers when you can work and the times you cannot.

SubItUp makes submitting availability a fast and simple task. Your manager will send a request for you to submit availability; you will then select shifts you can work and set them as available, set those you cannot work as unavailable, and set the shifts you are available but prefer other times as no preference. SubItUp will let your manager know and always build the schedule with your preferences in mind.

 availability collection
shift changes

Make the changes you need and easily find shift coverage.

We get it. Life happens. SubItUp lets you self-manage your schedule, giving you the flexibility to add a shift, swap with a teammate, and find coverage when you need it. The best part is everything can be done from within SubItUp. No need to make calls to your managers or teammates. Simply find the shift you need to adjust, review your team's availability, and offer to swap with that coworker. Once you both agree your manager will be notified and can approve the change.


See what you could earn based on your wage and availability.

SubItUp helps employees understand the wages they can earn based on the availability they put in the system. During availability collection, an employee will clearly see what percentage of shifts they are available for, if specific shifts have financial incentives tied to them (you know, those hard to fill opening or closing shifts), and what they could earn should they be scheduled for the shifts they've indicated they can work.

shift earnings

"SubItUp offers a very organized and easily navigable platform for viewing and changing my work schedule. I really appreciate how quick and easy it is to make changes and communicate them to my managers. I value the efficiency and reliability of SubItUp."

Emma A., American University


Access your entire team and schedule
details from the palm of your hand.


Your entire team is
only one click away.

When you open your contact list you will see your coworkers that work in positions you also share with them. This will have their email address, phone number, and positions they work in with you. You'll also see their personal pronouns, so you know how to greet them.

schedule filters

Quickly see the hours you're
scheduled for and have worked.

Curious what you're going to make or the hours you've already worked? SubItUp summarizes the hours you're on the schedule for and your time clock entries from prior shifts. This helps you know what your workload will be in the coming weeks or what your paycheck will look like when it arrives. You can also verify your time entries from this report.


Request time off without forgetting about shifts you're scheduled for.

Need a day off? That's no problem. When you request time off through SubItUp, it will be saved so you aren't scheduled to work during that time in the future. It will also show your teammates that you're unavailable to work during that time, so they don't reach out to you for coverage. All to keep your inbox clean. And, if you request time off but have shifts scheduled on that day, SubItUp will help you find coverage for those shifts so you can submit your request.


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