Eliminate the confusion

It's time to fix the manual
Request for Time Off (RTO) process.

Manually processing RTO's means you have to put it in the system, remove the employee from their scheduled shifts, find coverage without putting other staff over their maximum hours - the whole nine yards.

With SubItUp, your staff simply submits the day, time and the reason for needing the time off and all you need to do is approve or deny the request. The coolest thing is before you approve or deny it, SubItUp will give you all the information you need, to ensure you won't be creating a scheduling issue.

The RTO Process

What happens when your staff requests time off?

If you're manually processing requests, you probably have a spreadsheet that you pull up, verify if others are working, get back to that employee that they need to find coverage, and then do it all over again making sure you update the schedule - ahem, your spreadsheet - correctly.

How does SubItUp eliminate those extra steps?
We require employees find coverage before they're able to submit a time off request, coming to you with a solution first. Once they have coverage and resubmit the request you simply approve or deny. That's it.
Is it an easy process for employees?
Totally. We show your team all the staff that said they were available during that time to make it incredibly simple. They also have the option to swap the shift too - either directly or as an 'Open Swap'.
Will SubItUp help me keep making smart decisions?
Every time. When you receive an RTO you will have on-screen insights that show available employees or those that have swapped and their hours worked for the day and week. We also aggregate all employee activity - time off, dropped shifts, added shifts, swaps - on their staff profile so you have a snapshot of their activity. How about that?

There's A Lot Connected to Time Off Requests

Availability lets your staff see who they can trade with.
Availability collection is a great tool for managers to build schedules from. But it also will show employees the list of their teammates that said they could work during the times they're about to request off. Two birds with one stone.
Automated scheduling accounts for approved RTOs.
It would be silly to have all the time off requests in the system and your schedule not account for them. We've seen it before. SubItUp accounts for all time off when generating schedules so you don't have to make changes later.
Setting wages will show you the difference in shift costs.
When you use wages for employees or shifts, SubItUp will show you a detailed breakdown of the shift cost based on the employee that will fill the shift and the difference in cost from the original employee.
  • Conflict-free Requests
  • Employee RTO Status Alerts
  • Leave Assistance for Managers
  • Hours & Cost Insights for Approvals
  • RTOs Visualized on the Schedule

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.