Team Messaging Software

Better messaging for individuals, your entire staff, or position groups.

You've got your schedule made, the big event day is here, and there's a last-minute change your staff need to be aware of. What do you do? Get out your phone tree and trust the next person will share the same level of detail as a manager? Get to your desk and make 20 phone calls? SubItUp takes the tedious steps out of the picture with on-demand text, email, and in-app messaging capabilities.

Solving Problems

The new form of communication fatigue.

Communication fatigue refers to employees no longer engaging with messages sent to them because they view them as tiring. There is another type of communication fatigue, and it pertains to your managers.

Do your managers suffer from 'communication fatigue'?
When employees don't know the right channels to communicate with, they will create their own. Managers are left to react to the communication, may forget about it, and frustrate employees. This type of 'communication fatigue' costs you stress and extra steps. SubItUp offers a full communication suite where managers and employees can text, email or message individuals or groups for work-related needs.
How does SubItUp solve 'communication fatigue'?
Easy. We help you consolidate platforms and take over the repetitive tasks you have. The old saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind." SubItUp automates the repetitive notes that take managers time away - like announcing the schedule is posted, that new shifts are available, or someone dropped a shift. By automating much of your messaging, we keep work top of mind for your team and give managers more time to focus on mission critical work.
But SubItUp, automation won't let us coach our teams.
Wrong. We're going to help your managers with that too. Actions in SubItUp trigger messages - reminders like when to clock in or out, if staff missed a punch, when it's time to work, even when they might do something that could create a conflict in your schedule. We help make them aware of that in the moment, coaching them on good practices alongside you.

There's A Lot Connected to Employee Messaging

Social Scheduling™ makes employees part of the solution.
Social Scheduling™ is all about peer-to-peer problem solving. Need someone to cover a shift, want to swap directly with someone, how about share a shift to your entire team for coverage. SubItUp automates communications around this process to keep your employees in the know all the time.
Managers receive communications for any pending request.
Whether an employee wants to swap a shift, take time off, drop a shift, even add a new one - SubItUp has built a thorough notification process around these requests. First, we store them in your pending requests dashboard. Then, you'll receive an email with the details you need to make a decision. It's another way we streamline the communications process.
Employee surveys let you build a feedback loop with your team.
Employee engagement is important for retention and morale. SubItUp offers a complete survey platform to help you assess job satisfaction, desired career path, skills exploration - anything you want. Our drag-and-drop survey tool lets you customize the questions, gather direct or anonymous feedback, and take action from there.
  • Compose text, email, or in-app messages
  • Group and direct messaging to individuals
  • Automated reminders for key work-related notices
  • Broadcast messaging to all positions and individuals
  • Drag-and-drop Custom Surveys
  • Push notifications for app users

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.