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You probably have a platform for scheduling, a separate time clock, a different HR system. If this is you then you know it's hard to clearly see how engaged your team is. Not anymore. SubItUp aggregates all your employee data - who adds shifts, drops them, clocks out late, and helps out their teammates - and visualizes it in one dashboard.


Insights that help you best understand your team.

SubItUp's employee engagement tools give you the data to celebrate your rock stars, find training opportunities, and build better schedules.

How do drops and missed punches affect manager time?
When managers must react to last minute drops, even missed punches, they have to spend time correcting the issue. These types of activities take an average of 2 hours per week away from them.
Would you schedule differently knowing the employees that keep or drop shifts?
Understanding who your top performers are lets you give them the critical shifts you know you can't miss. SubItUp helps you visualize who is less engaged and who is more engaged so you can schedule smarter.
Would employees act differently knowing their own attendance and punctuality?
Of course. Using engagement data in real time allows you to coach employees on the behaviors you want to see improved. SubItUp also aggregates this data for use in performance reviews, so you can objectively focus on wins and areas for improvement.

There's A Lot Connected to Employee Engagement

Prioritize employees to schedule your best staff first.
Once you know who your rock stars are, you can apply that knowledge to their availability by prioritizing them. Now, SubItUp will recognize that you want a prioritized employee to be considered first and will automate schedule creation based on that.
Use max hours settings to control shift assignments.
In the same sense, you can control how many hours a certain employee is allowed to work. Setting a higher daily or weekly max will allow that employee to be assigned more shifts; lowering that value will schedule that employee for fewer shifts while you work on training together.
Track peer-to-peer transactions made through Social Scheduling™.
Social Scheduling™ allows employees to work together on their own shift coverage needs before requiring a manager's help. The engagement dashboard tracks these statistics so you always know who is being extra helpful and who asks for coverage a bit more than they should.
Create a draft schedule then directly assign shifts to engaged employees.
Reviewing your engagement data and identifying potential risks is a critical manager task. Once you know who is engaged and who isn't you can create a draft of your schedule. Before publishing it, you can directly assign employees to low risk shifts or assign your rock stars to mission critical ones.
  • Track shift adds and drops
  • Maintain punctuality records
  • Engagement trends by employee or position group
  • Engagement trends by shift type
  • Time clock averages by position
  • Historical view of shift transactions
  • Integrate with your HRIS platform

How you schedule is important.
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