The Domino Effect

SubItUp solves the domino effect
of manual availability collection.

So, you collected what your team wants to work. It's in Excel. Now what? You have to compile it and build your schedule, reference it each step of the way, avoid making mistakes - but you're human - then hope your staff will commit to the shifts. That's a lot.

Subjective Availability

What if you knew when staff can work, not when they want to work?

This is what we call "Subjective Availability", and it can complicate your scheduling process and lead to uncovered shifts. With SubItUp, you don't have to worry about this anymore.

How does SubItUp actually solve Subjective Availability?
Simple. We allow employees to see what your scheduling needs are. We display to the employee where the holes in your potential schedule are so they can help you fill the gaps. It's that easy.
What issues are solved when Subjective Availability is solved?
Fewer scheduling changes, less maintenance, less time required by managers to generate and maintain the schedule.
What happens when employees know the coverage you need?
They're more likely to help you by expanding their availability and filling the much-needed gaps.

There's a lot connected to Availability Collection

More accurate, less intensive scheduling.
When you automate scheduling with employee availability SubItUp reviews what your employees have said they can work, finds the best match for the shift, and places them on it. That's it. Fewer changes and less rework for managers.
Proactively identify risks.
Wouldn't it be nice to see who was available and who wasn't? Of course. The Shift Based Availability Report shows you a shift-by-shift view of available, unavailable and those that could work but it's not their first choice. Now you know your risk areas and who you can get coverage from.
Reassign shifts with intelligence.
It's inevitable. Someone will try to drop a shift, and nobody will pick it up. But with Availability Collection you will see all employees who initially said they were available, their respective hours worked that day and week, and can directly assign the shift to a new employee.
  • Shift-based availability
  • Hourly availability
  • Event-specific availability
  • Daily and weekly hourly limits
  • Overtime rules and limits
  • Availability collection surveys
  • Global availability settings
  • Availability summary dashboard

How you schedule is important.
We want to understand that.

Our scheduling experts can fit SubItUp to meet exactly what you need. Tell us a bit about you and let's jump on a call together.