Call & Text Scheduling.

Simplified option for employees with little to no technological knowledge.
Easily accessible from anywhere, no internet access required.
Manage and review scheduled hours using a landline or any mobile phone.

How does it work?

  • Simplified Scheduling Option
    TeleSchedule™ is designed to streamline your staff scheduling process while providing an easy-to-use option for staff with little to no knowledge of technology. TeleSchedule™ is compatible with landlines, basic mobile phones, smartphones and more.
  • No Internet Access Required
    TeleSchedule™ allows staff to access their scheduled hours, pick up available shifts, contact a manager and request time off, with no internet access required.
  • Call-in Schedule Access
    An employee can manage their schedule by calling your organization's dedicated TeleSchedule™ phone number, entering their secret pin and following the recorded prompts.
  • Customizable Options
    TeleSchedule™ can be customized to fit your organization's needs. Use a local telephone number, select the gender of the voice recordings, and choose from a variety of available language dialects.
  • Text Message Schedule Access
    Staff can also access their schedule from any text message enabled mobile device. To manage their schedule, an employee can simply send a text message to your organization's dedicated TeleSchedule™ phone number, and follow the automated text message prompts.
  • Real-time Schedule Updates
    TeleSchedule™ works in conjunction with your online SubItUp staff schedule. All changes made on SubItUp's website, mobile app or via TeleSchedule™ are automatically updated and accessible from anywhere in real-time.

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