event scheduling

Create event staff schedules.

Ensure full event staff coverage, even when requirements change unexpectedly..
Stop worrying about double-booking, SubItUp ensures your schedule is conflict-free.
Eliminate the rework of scheduling employees for recurring events.

How does it work?

  • Managing Event Schedules
    SubItUp's event tool simplifies event staff scheduling and management. Easily create an event and include important logistical details to keep scheduled staff informed.
  • Event Scheduling Templates
    Generate an event from scratch or create customized event templates for reuse. Event templates can be modified to add and adjust scheduled staff shifts.
  • Scheduling Event Staff
    Quickly assign staff to work an event, or allow staff to select their own shifts. SubItUp makes it easy to schedule event staff while ensuring your schedule is conflict-free.
  • Recurring Events
    Eliminate hours of tedious, repetitive work with the help of the recurring events tool. Create and manage recurring events using prior event details and requirements.
  • Rescheduling Events
    Quickly reschedule an event in SubItUp by updating the event's date and time. SubItUp will automatically update all associated shifts and notify staff of the changes.
  • Real-time Event Budgeting
    Set a budget and evaluate labor cost data in real-time using the SubItUp event budgeting tool. This feature helps to minimize sneaky overtime labor costs and maximize your profits.
  • Event Import Tool
    Create and manage multiple events in SubItUp using the event import tool. This feature allows managers to schedule associated shifts, provide important logistical details, and assign eligible staff in one, simple process. Click here to see it in action.
  • EMS Event Management Integration
    Do you use EMS Software to coordinate event and meeting space reservations? The SubItUp + EMS integration automatically creates events and schedules associated shifts. No extra data entry required. Watch the video.

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