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How is scheduling managed in cloud computing?

You can handle your employee scheduling remotely by virtualized technology. Workforce management becomes complex in an interactive cloud computing system, but automated staff scheduling lets you preview schedules, allow employees to pick up and drop shifts and cap worked hours without the need for multiple human touchpoints and a full-time scheduler. 

Enhance Employee Scheduling as Early as the Recruiting Process

According to SHRM, savvy companies can free up recruiters' time with software that synchs up participants' schedules for interviews. Interview scheduling is one of the most tedious and time-consuming processes fo hiring managers. Replacing the manual system with tools like SubItUp frees up recruiters' time to find the right candidates for open positions. 

Never Double Book an Employee Again

Cloud computing tools help ensure that employees don't get booked for more than one job at the same time. This is particularly valuable for task-based roles such as maintenance and cleaning crews or temporary employers. 

You can create, modify and review the schedule before publishing it to the crowd for employees to see. Automated schedules take into account factors that you enter that are unique to your business. 

Here's How It Works

First, SubItUp assigns shifts for multiple employees based on their availability and skills as well as other parameters you enter. You can place the schedule in unpublished mode to make manual tweaks. When you're ready, select publish to notify staff members that the updated schedule is available.

According to the Harvard Business Review, this flexibility makes it possible for employers and schedulers to make staff scheduling more flexible. When automated systems work in favor of employees and businesses alike, that makes them even more valuable. Workers can use automated tools to adjust their own schedules to balance customer needs, human resource needs and the needs of the organization for an easy triple win. When you empower employees to influence their worked hours, you automatically boost morale and help employees manage their time better. 

Eliminate Scheduling Bias

Automated scheduling tools remove personal bias and favoritism with impartial employee scheduling. SubItUp distributes worked hours fairly so that each worker has an equal share of available shifts.

This gives schedulers more time to focus on important factors such as peak traffic times when more employees are needed. You can add in seniority or make scheduling a matter of first come first serve.
If you have other priorities for workforce management, you can add them to the scheduling criteria for hands-free employee scheduling.

Make Appointments, Manage Meeting and More

SubItUp uses the power of cloud computing to publish your schedule on the internet so employees can access it and make authorized changes on their smart devices. It also makes a great tool for staffing events, setting up sales appointments and managing meetings. The automated notifications and centralized billing features can even simplify your accounting process.
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