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5 Tremendous Benefits of Automated Schedule Creation for Your Business

Are you still wasting your business's time with manual scheduling?

From improving productivity, reducing labor costs and more, automated schedule creation can revolutionise your scheduling process. But don't just take our word for it.

Read on for 5 of the tremendous benefits automated schedule creation can bring to your business today.

1. Creates Clearer Availability for Shifts

Letting your staff set their availability can reduce schedule conflicts. Errors with too many staff having the same vacation dates will reduce.

And you'll likely see employee satisfaction rise too. This is because they'll feel they can make the schedules work for their needs. By letting employees work a schedule that works for them, productivity might go up too.

It's also easier to make mistakes when you're using pen and paper to make schedules. Automated scheduling can be set to alert you to uncovered shifts.

2. Allows You Have a Schedule Strategy

When scheduling is easier, it gives you time to be strategic when putting them together. You can arrange for employees to be cross-trained in other departments/tasks. Or, you can set it up so they receive instructions to grow within your business.

Automated scheduling can help you fit in training and allow time for employees to receive it. This will help your company grow. You'll increase the value of labor hours and invest in employees without it costing a fortune.

3. Saves Labor Hours

With shift reminders and group messaging, your staff don't miss a shift, ensuring that you never need to pay out for emergency cover.

An automated system takes the hassle out of scheduling, which allows you to prioritise you time where it is needed most. Cloud based systems also allow you to access and update the schedule wherever and whenever, allowing you to be far more agile in your shift planning.

4. Provides Labor-Management Tools

Labor is the biggest expense for most companies, no matter the industry. So, it's important you manage your labor in the most efficient way you can.

A complete automation system allows you to report on schedules, evaluate cost scenarios and more. Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to analyse the data and find efficiencies and improvements.

Automatic scheduling also allows managers to set out any legal regulations. They can also put in employee and union regulations. The system will then log these, and ensure schedules avoid any non-compliance.

5. Utilise Staffing Information

Automated scheduling programs can use employee information to generate shifts that fit the shifts requirements. Qualifications, availability and other factors can all be used to make sure everything is covered, every shift.

This helps streamline your shift creation. It'll avoid any understaffing issues or scheduling shifts that aren't needed. And it'll prevent the need to shell out on overtime or short notice cover.

Automated Schedule Creation - It's the Future

So, there you have it! Now you know the benefits of automated schedule creation.

Using an automatic schedule program is faster, simpler, and easier to keep organized. All your scheduling information is in one place and easy to access. It's organized, tidy and there is less room for error.

If you want to set your company up with automated scheduling, contact us today. SubItUp has the solution to your automated scheduling needs.

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