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How to Automate Workforce Management With an Automated Scheduling Tool

Respecting your employees' time by enabling a great work/life balance is an integral part of running a successful business.

Effective scheduling is difficult, though, as it's almost impossible to keep everyone happy.

Shift planning software reduces employee schedule complaints, though. When there are fewer complaints and employees are happier, they'll be up to 20% more productive.

Plus, by automating workforce management, managers and business owners have more time to focus on other tasks and demands of their roles.

Do you want to learn more about how automated employee scheduling streamlines and benefits your business?

Please keep reading to learn all about it and how to start using it!

You'll Save Time and Money

Some managers find it daunting to think about learning a whole new program or app to automate their business' scheduling needs. However, manual staff scheduling is one of the most time-consuming and difficult aspects of a manager's job.

Multiple employee scheduling takes precious time away from other supervision and management duties.

Automated staff scheduling provides an efficient, cloud-based alternative. It helps to create, modify, and track employee schedules. Plus, it provides the most efficient way for staff members to communicate and change shifts around.

Employees become content with their schedules. Managers have more time to spend on other job duties. As a result, there is often an increase in sales.

You'll Track Worked Hours With Accuracy

It's not uncommon for employees to switch shifts. Depending on the business, it can be difficult to leave early for appointments or make last-minute changes to availability.

When employees have to clock in, they often forget, making things confusing for management, coworkers, and payroll.

With automated workforce management, you'll have access to tracked work hours and records of any changes made to shifts. You can look back or review any given day or week to determine who create and assigned shifts, which employees swapped, and much more.

Shift swapping becomes a much easier process, too.

Everything Will Be More Consistent

Many managers find themselves overwhelmed with the myriad of small tasks they face each day. What if you forget a time-off request or misplace a new schedule request?

When that happens, it can be detrimental to the daily success of a business. Plus, forgetting requests can reduce morale amongst your employees.

It's important for employees to feel valued and appreciated. The fate of most businesses depends on it. When you opt to use a shift planning software, all employee requests can go through the program so that requests are never misplaced, and there is no confusion or dispute around who asked for what.

With a shift scheduling software, things are a lot fairer, too. Employees are less apt to complain or feel as though their schedules are unfair.

Everyone Will Enjoy a More Mobile-Friendly Process

Cloud-based, state-of-the-art automated scheduling software is optimized for mobile devices, too. Anyone can check in, send messages, and make changes while they're on the go.

Once you approve and publish a schedule, your employees are notified immediately. They can view their posted schedules regardless of where they are or what they're doing. If need be, they can respond quickly and make any necessary time off or change requests.

It's a secure, fast, easy, and direct process. It eliminates the need for emails, printed schedules, or spreadsheet attachments.

When employees can check in a view their schedules on their mobile devices, they're much less forgetful. You'll notice a big decrease in last-minute frantic requests and chances.

It Can Help Calculate Correct Pay

Payroll departments use manually recorded hours to determine hours worked. This can include information like sick days, lunch breaks, overtime, etc.

When that information isn't automated and tracked, there is a lot of room for error.

Track hours accurately through automated staff scheduling. It is the only way to eliminate mistakes.

Vacations, sick days, switched shifts, arriving late and leaving early, and any last-minute changes are tracked efficiently and accurately when using a cloud-based scheduling platform.

Productivity and Efficiency Will Increase

More often than not, managers use guesswork to build or schedule in extra labor for shifts or periods when they want extra coverage in case of emergencies, employee shortages, or call-offs.

An automated staff schedule does the same thing. However, it's always based on historical data and legitimate needs. Schedules are highly accurate, which means no understaffing or overstaffing at all the wrong times.

Even if there are last-minute changes, your schedule will be filled in accordingly.

Take a look at some of the many other advantages which will inevitably lead to more productivity and efficiency:

  • Easier communication
  • Easier shift switching and covering
  • Better employee collaboration
  • Increased access to pertinent information
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Better business processes
  • Higher productivity and profitability
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Reduced or eradicated shift schedule complaints
  • Schedule for multiple employees at a time
  • Easier to accommodate and include new employees

Do you want to discover how different companies have benefited from the streamlining of their schedules? Take a look at some of our staff scheduling success stories.

Don't Wait to Use Automated Workforce Management for Your Business

When you opt to use an automated workforce management scheduling tool, you'll save time, money, and boost employee morale. Employ complaints concerning schedules and requests will disappear as you integrate a fair and consistent scheduling system into your company practices.

You won't have to dig through paperwork or rack your brain, trying to remember the history of hours worked. Employees will enjoy a more seamless, communicative process they can take advantage of no matter where they are.

Plus, it's easy to use, and you'll only ever pay for the tools you need.

Do you want to learn more about how it works and start improving your scheduling process? Contact us today, and we'll be in touch with how to make a difference at your company.


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